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A Lucky Charm that Wags its Tail

29 Dec 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

As the clock is ticking on this year, the memories and regrets just keep us hitting hard. Amidst the financial turmoil of the country or the stress in the house there is something that can always bring a smile to our lips. Those coy eyes and the ever wagging tail can lift even the darkest clouds. Today it is Bhavin Trivedi who wants to thank the lucky charm in his life.Bhavin dog lover

Bhavin is a student who is the proud owner of a eight month old Labrador Retriever called Onyx, whom he believes is his lucky charm. So, how did he get to this bundle of joy home. Bhavin went to his friends place for studying and the he saw this beautiful little puppy next door. It was definitely love at first sight for him. He whistled at the puppies and it was Onyx who responded to it with licking him. The next step was to talk to the owners and soon this little bundle of joy came home.

We asked him that what that thing, which makes his day is. Bhavin says, that whenever he comes back from college or his tuition, he just silently whistles on the ground floor and that triggers one of the highlights of the day for him. Onyx come jumping to him and starts licking. It is almost as if he is seeing Bhavin after years though in reality it is nothing more than a few hours.

The awe moment comes when he gives him a treat. Onyx would stand on his hind legs and give him a high five to get that treat. Bhavin believes that there is a strong connection between Onyx and himself. It has not been very long but the connection is unimaginable as he believes that it is not wrong to call him his lucky charm. So as this year comes to an end, he wants to thank Onyx for the numerous wags that tells Bhavin that he is loved or just for being there when he is sad or just in a bad mood. He wants to thank him for giving unconditional love and affection always.

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