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Maneka Gandhi Promotes Homeopathy For Dogs [News]

18 Aug 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi is the Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development in the Government of PM Narendra Modi. She is also an animal rights activist and environmentalist. She recently talked about Homeopathy for dogs and how one can benefit their pet canine from homeopathy.

“Last month my dog Devi got into a fight with another dog and one tooth went into her neck artery. Blood spurted all over the house. We pressed on it, took her to the hospital and she was stitched up but she had lost a lot of blood and the vet said she might not make it. She was in great pain” said Maneka Gandhi.

maneka gandhi


Sintex is a company which makes water storage tanks, has opened a homeopathy division for animals and they had sent me a kit called Healwell with 12 medicines in it. This is what they gave Devi and according to her, Devi healed miraculously.
Distemper in dogs is very common and they treat it with homeopathy. This is where allopathy fails.

Homeopathy as we all know is a system of alternate medicine. It heals a disease slower as compared to allopathy but is considered to be more effective.
The diseases in animals are growing as much as they are growing in humans. After all they breathe the same air, drink the same water and almost eat the same type of food. Homeopathy, if not being able to cure, can act as a supporting system which can help them in leading a better life. The homeopathic consultation process is more complex than the usual veterinary consultation. It can take a long time depending upon the medical problem. The homeopathic vet has to discover a great deal of information, not just from clinical examination but also from the owner. Questions may include details of background, lifestyle, environment, likes, dislikes, fears, diet and certain responses to external stimulus. “The main problems I see in pet dogs, for instance, is kidney failure from renal disease and cancer, parvo and distemper – all of which need something more than allopathy.” says Maneka Gandhi.

This is the new growing treatment for dogs these days and is equally effective. Sometimes more!
If you have given your pet a Homeopathic treatment then you can share your views with us.

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