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Mating Box Office

21 Jul 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Mating Box Office


Before You Read: This Blog is purely written on neutral basis, No offence or reference to anyone personally or professionally.  So read it keeping your minds free of any influence and reply and let the Doggy world benefit from this.


In this one I have tried to throw a light on the Mating craze of a Champion Dog.  IT’S NOT A OFFENCE AGAINST ANY TITTLE BUT IT’S AN EFFORT TO UPLIFT A POTENTIAL  SPECIMIN WITHOUT A TITTLE.


Monsoon is here and soon winter will follow, golden period has started and the red carpet is about to rolled out for breeders. I mean to say the breeding and show season is about to commence. Soon like all of you even I will plan to get the best Boy existing for my Girl.

Many times it has crossed my mind …

That what is the ratio of people of actually show their dogs ?

How many actually buy to show ?

Is it 101% correct to say that only a breeder can have a magnificent dog?

Is it wrong to say that a breed enthusiast though he/she is not a breeder can never have a excellent specimen?

Is it true that Only Champions can be produce champions?

& if we agree to all the things above  THAN Y DO WE RUN ONLY AFTER TITLES neglacting whats better for our breeding?


This all got me curious enough to give it a very serious thought bout it…My dear friends till date in my breeding I have used many champions ad imports, the results are fabulous and they will be seen this year in the ring but ……..but …there’s nothing to support that only champions and imports only can produce champions or a marvelous Dog…



Without complicating it I would say …from time to time Imports, champions and new Dogs are 101% necessary to add & to improve on our bloodline and keep it fresh… But there’s no guarantee that only a champion, or an import can be a good producer, many times the results are really not upto the mark, now its depends how many of us have the guts to accept this fact…after all we ethical breeders breed not only to cover the expenses done in maintaining such a magnificent specimen but also and MAJORLY to improve the breed standard and come as closely to it as possible. That’s the beauty of This Royal Sport called Breeding.


How many of the common people existing out there buy dog for shows, or breeding. Not many infact theres a majority of such people…and nothings wrong in it, breeding ethically is not possible for everyone. There is no hard and fast rule that a common person cannot have the best of the breed unless he or she is nota breeder. Owning a dog just or love , affection and pleasure is better than breeding if a breeder cannot provide such kind of emotions to their pets. A Common Man may really own a Marvelous Dog , sometimes may be better than champion. Sometimes  better than a Flashy Breeder. Being a Breeder never garauntess that you have the best in business and there can be no one above you or better than you, times and wind change so do dogs and their quality.



So coming back straight to the point: My dear friends if we plan to breed our dogs than we must start to overlook this criteria of breeding only and only to imports or champions or only with flashy breeders. This however only an experienced and knowledge full breeder can only do, as this is not a knife for amateurs and new bees to play with. He must have real good knowledge about the breed.


Many times a Wonderful dog from a very good bloodline is not shown as he’s only kept as a pet, he might not get the recognition which his litter brother may by getting shown , but this doesn’t mean that he’s not worthy or capable to breed the same potential which his brother has, he might turn out to be a better producer but “Poor fellow never gets a chance” As our minds have accepted that only champions or imports will produce the best. 


In the race for tags like “WE USE ONLY IMPORTS” we are forgetting the basic needs for breeding, we over look the points in the pair… I see many times where the Stud is a Champion or Import and the female is a B.I normal one, both have same negative points. They are bred and the pups are placed for a very handsome price! Such things happen, and it’s us who encourage such kind of breeding.


( I Wont mention what was negative as it would be very lengthy to explain a fault in a champion dog, but would seriously mention that making a rare breed champion in remote area is not difficult).






 ( Its not right to neglect and to not give importance to a dog from the same litter which has never been shown, he might have turned out better with time than this champion brother of his)



Just for the sake of a fancy and popular TITTLE, we sacrifice what we could have achieved by using some other dog (not a champion but from a good and result oriented bloodline) which complimented our female and future pups in a much better way than that champion or import.  The tendency to Use only a Title and impressive dog and normal female has taken over by storm, we need both the things in the equal amount to make it work wonders.  By Gods grace today people are getting smart , thanks to such portals as dogspot where I can bring this thing in open to every common man who goes through this….


I must not forget to mention that people who take care of this and breed champions and imports in a healthy and correct manner produce really appreciative stuff.


Guys it high time we must start breeding seriously and dedicatedly to produce a “COMPLETE DOG” ..

I repeat a “COMPLETE DOG”…not just a dog who’s ok but yes..comes from a champion father. This will make us land in now mans land. Though they will defiantly fetch us a good amount of money but NEVER  a Complete Dog.





Won’t stretch and make it a big boring blog…Friends,Your encouragement for my previous blogs made me pen one again..try to think about it being very neutral and then reply to it…Thanx all..


Enjoy the monsoon,


Regards & Respect

Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi


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i agree with you on most of the points.

By: Shalin | 21 Jul 2010

swaroop kishan
@ Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi,

the bottom line is, don just breed to make money and mainly, not for the KCI certification, thiS kci certification of import brings prizes and titles to its pups, so basically thats the reason why anyone wants an import to be mated wit their dam, and not a BI dog which might be better

By: swaroop kishan | 23 Jul 2010

Very well drafted article filled with valuable information. The following saying is very close to my heart……. “All Champions are not Great Producers and all Great Producers are not Champions”. You have to select a bitch or dog not only considering its own characteristics, but also have to study its pedigree. Another point to add. If any of the readers are thinking to become serious and ethical breeder, then keep in mind that ‘A good Bitch makes a solid base of breeding program’. Many breeders ran after Imported dogs, but very few try to acquire good imported females. You need both hands to clap.

By: DoggieBuddy | 23 Jul 2010

Hi Mr.Siddhaant

Firstly , I must say that the article which you have posted on this public forum is just really "Superb"

I completely agree with ur views on the Pedigree "Imported" dogs , where some just born breeders have spoilt the market with fancy names & certificates. Ideally any dog would serve the purpose for which we buy today the love affection & care , Yes if you have a pedigree get him / her out on the shows as you mentioned and continue the their names in KCI papers to be as "CH".

I have had 10 dogs til date not even one was of "CH" , but they all were just lovable and was a part of our family member , today i have a Pug where the breeder sold when he was just 25 days old , he is just a GEM , I do face difficulties when I need a girl for him as breeders just say " We need KCI papers " , Its become like a College Degree for them :(

By: Scooby | 23 Jul 2010

swaroop kishan
@ above,
well i agree a bit with u .. but i can say u r just 10% right.. common wat the hell r u talking..?? wat ever breeders have fancied with KCI registration or the CH" criteria that is secondary, but the most important and primary thing is " WE HAVE TO MAINTAIN THE BREED STANDARDS, U R SAYING, I LOVE MY KIDS BUT I WONT GIVE THEM A NAME OR EDUCATION,THAT IS WRONG. REGISTER UR DOGS, After registration wont u feel like loving..?? don think i am offending u.. there are some rules to be followed,

i being a breeder, have no imports as such, all are BI, but also they are lovable, they with me in my house and also they are KCI reistered..

please everyone, its a kind request , don think u r paying for the certificate and and microchip, think it as ur duty and do the registration. it helps the standard of the breed to improve..! !! !!

By: swaroop kishan | 23 Jul 2010


I think you have got all right but missed the last line in my blog , I have not mentioned not to register the Dog under KCI.

Appreciate you as a breeder promoting the registration of KCI....The registartion of KCI needs promotion like u , else I look back 20 years or 25 years we still used to name Dogs and love them when breeders used to sell , where the KCI was not promoted.

By: Scooby | 23 Jul 2010

swaroop kishan
well thank u :)
i said to u also to do the registration so as to u wil have breed standard..!! doesn matter if its import or BI

By: swaroop kishan | 23 Jul 2010

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