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17 Jun 2015 | by | Posted in: Training

Rabbits or Bunny Rabbits as they are more popularly called are the cutest, fluffiest and the cuddliest of the pets. Their droopy long ears and soft pink noses always make my heart skip a beat. No matter how cute and adorable rabbits are, they too require activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Rabbit 1If you have rabbits as pets, here's how you can keep them active and engaged. Afterall, no one likes to get bored!

Play, throw, fetch

Rabbits love to throw and fetch things. In the wild, they throw leaves or fruits and then fetch them. At home, you can pick up toys that are small and easy to hold in the mouth. Do make sure that the toys are soft so that your rabbits do not get knicks or bruises in their mouth. Throw the toys around and enjoy the game!


Foraging is a natural instinct in rabbits. You can leave bits of carrots, vegetables, toys and cardboard pieces around the house for them to forage and stay engaged and stimulated.


Rabbits love to gnaw and chew on things. To keep your furniture, shoes and books safe, get a lot of cardboard boxes and crisp vegetables and keep it in the vicinity of the rabbit. Your rabbit will thank you for all the chewing exercise that he will get.

Spacious play boxes

One of the best ways to keep your rabbits active is by getting large cardboard boxes that can be made into an obstacle coarse. Use masking tapes, paper, cardboard pieces etc. to make an obstacle course inside the box.

Hope you have a lot of fun with your rabbits as they enjoy their new fun games!

Image source: Lapin Beliier

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