Meet Kenai, The Real Life Hero Who Has 4 Legs And A Tail

17 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Who says heroes only exist in movies! And who said flying is the power to become a super hero! Meet Kenai, our brave and caring dog from America! His Story is amazing:

Kenai and her human, Kerrie, were out playing in the snow in Duluth, Minnesota the other day when Kenai suddenly became very agitated.


Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


Kerrie and her friend Pam soon noticed what was bothering the pup: A bald eagle, seemingly stranded in the snow. Kenai barked at the eagle and then tried to approach it. The injured eagle was hesitant to accept help from a dog, for obvious reasons. He hopped away from them as they got closer. It was getting dark, so Kerrie and Pam decided to come back the following day to rescue the bird.


Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


They returned early in the morning. The bald eagle was gone, but he left a trail of

Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


They spotted him the further up the shore of the lake and contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Pam and Kerrie worked with two women from the DNR to rescue the injured bird.


Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


According to the Wildwoods’ Facebook page, where Kerrie and Pam took the bald eagle, the bird was “chilled and his feathers were frozen.” dog-saves-eagle-7

Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


The staff at Wildwoods, an animal rehabilitation center in Duluth, Minnesota, discovered that the bird had a shoulder injury. They gave him fluids and helped to warm him up.


Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


After that, Kerrie and Pam took the eagle to Raptor Center in St. Paul. The Raptor Center’s examination showed that the bird not only had an injured shoulder, but also had lead poisoning. However, the center expects him to make a full recovery.


Source: Wildwoods/Facebook


Pam and Kerrie say that this eagle never would have had a chance if it wasn’t for Kenai’s keen senses detecting the injured bird. It was because of this heroic pup that they were able to save the eagle from freezing to death.


Source: barkpost

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