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Meet Miko: The Start-Up dog

23 Jan 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

There will be a few of you who already know Miko, this is a famous dog on Facebook there will be a lot of people who would know him by its name or by the start-up dog as well. If you want to communicate with this smart little puppy, then it can be found on Facebook.

Dogs are known to be one of the greatest stress busters for man and what better way to do that than get a dog at your workplace. It is said that petting a dog can give an outlet to your stress. If you are a pet owner then there will be numerous times when you have gone home all tired and angry but one look at your pooch running towards you will help you leave all tensions behind. Miko does the same in the centre, he is the stress buster.

So, when we came to know about Miko the Start Up dog, we thought of a one on one is the need of the day with this smart little puppy who seems to be the star in the office. Before that let us help you understand the Start-up Centre. The Start-Up Centre as the name suggests has been created especially to assist people with their start-ups. The organization helps an entrepreneur with an idea to design a prototype, which is created by validating the customer and market. The Start Up centre will help to you carry out each phase efficiently. They offer a residence program for the same.

The Start-Up Centre is based out from Chennai and helps various entrepreneurs to excel in their respective fields.

Here is a one on one with Miko the eight weeks old Start Up Dog.

Q. Forgive me for asking but which breed do you belong to Miko?

Miko: Ahem. Breed. I am what they call a mutt, but everyone thinks I am a chocolate Labrador. Mum is a Doberman, dad is a yellow color Labrador Retriever - don't ask where the chocolate color comes from. Everyone is perplexed at the mystery of it.

Q. Tell us your story? Helps us trace your journey to your pet parent?

Miko:Well, my pet parent was a friend of my mum’s pet parent. They happen to drop by one day and apparently fell in love with me!!!

Q. So, Tell is a little more about your tagline 'The Startup dog'?

Miko: well I live at The Start-up Centre, I chew on people who are trying to build start-ups, and once a while take a bite at their precious MacBook. The tagline saves me :)

Q: What does Start up Centre do? How does it benefit people?

Miko: The Startup Centre is an accelerator for start-ups. If you want to know more about it then you can always log on to the website.

Q: Tell us a little about your everyday meals? Who gives you food?

Miko: My Meals. Well, everyone was feeding me at first. There are people who pretty much live out of The Startup Centre, building their startups. I am apparently a great stress buster. So they tell me (can I get paid doing that? Must enquire!) Pet Parent has set some rules on eating times and diet now. So, I am being embargoed!

Q: What is the favourite part of your day?

Miko:Chewing things. Not the toys - they all try buying me and hoping I'd leave them alone with. I like the running around bit in the garden too.

Q. I am sure you have a lot of friends in the centre but who are biased against?

Miko:Ritesh and Aditya are my favorites. Pet Parent lets me sleep on his futon though.

Q. Any motivational words for your friends across the world?

Miko:Don't give up. If you can be born in a service centre to a three legged Doberman and end up inspiring entrepreneurs, well who knows what you might be born to do?

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