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25 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

I had never thought that writing about my own baby would be so difficult. Not difficult because I don’t have words, it is difficult because I have a lot to express but just cannot find the right words. And yes it is emotional!

The delightful feeling that you get after playing with your pet, the power of sloppy kiss cannot be matched to any other drug and the happy feeling you get when you are cuddled up with your pet on a warm foggy morning is just priceless! Life can be pure bliss when we have such lovely companions. That’s why it has been rightly said, “Dogs are not our whole life, they make our lives whole” Roger Caras.

After a lot of pleading and drama I convinced my parents and my grandma that we should get a puppy. The condition was that I would have to take his full responsibility. And obviously I had to agree, had no other option.

Finally on a breezy evening of August 28, 2009 he came into our lives and boy did we know that one day he would become life himself. The eternal joy and happiness of sharing the house with a small puppy cannot be put into words. He was like a tiny cotton ball and I was so afraid to even hold him. But as we all know mommie knows everything, so she taught me how to hold him and from that day to now I never leave a single chance to cuddle him. Although now it is a little difficult to make him sleep on my lap. Yes, he has become a big chap now. Romeo, as the world knows him is a four year old golden Labrador, but for all of us he is and will always be the small sugar bunch baby Romeo. My mom and dad decided that we must get a puppy from an authorised breeder so we found one and one fine day they both went to choose the puppy. The choices were unlimited but there was something that attracted them to that tiny little puppy sleeping in the corner. That’s when they decided to bring him home.

A tip for all those who are planning to get a pet, you need to be aware that it is full time responsibility. Like you cannot leave new born babies alone, the same way your tiny tots require you to be with them at every step. It is a great experience and you can only feel it once you have a pet. For some their pets become an integrated part of their lives and for some they are just a status symbol. But it is sheer cruelty when people get a pet into their homes and still don’t give them place into their heart.

As we all know little ones are the naughtiest and in their growing up years they all full of mischiefs which makes them all the more adorable. Every day is new and exciting with them. You never know what is coming up next. There are so many incidents that I have, but here I would share just some of the most memorable ones.

When Romeo was about five months old he had a favourite pass time in the morning when my mum used to be getting ready for work. She would be draping her sari while Romeo would run around and find a perfect hiding place in those nine yards. It has been three and a half years now and suddenly last month he got fascinated with the sari again and has found a new activity to keep him busy in the morning. It just melts our heart the way he looks at us with his innocent eyes. And now he knows when to use them for his benefit. Who doesn’t love a long drive on a pleasant day? Romeo certainly does. It has to be seen to be believed when it is my dad’s holiday and he picks up the car keys to go somewhere. By default Romeo understands that it is time for a car ride and if we say no, he’ll make that puppy face and I don’t know how every time my dad falls into his trap?

I and in fact my entire family has a deep bonding with Romeo. Our day begins with him and ends… well when you have a pet around, there is no ending. Only unlimited happiness and smiles…Today he is the most pampered member of the family. He gets his own bed, his own pink quilt (which he is highly possessive about), spa sessions, a specially designed menu so that he doesn’t get bored and of course the added advantage is the constant love and affection. Loved by all my friends, the neighbours and a darling among the building kids, Romeo is surely Mr Adorable (touch wood for it).

If he is not well, each and every family member is concerned, if he is not eating properly everyone gets worried; if he is not around we all become restless. Although he is now a full grown doggie but I think that he still considers himself to a puppy. And I become sure of it when I see him crying at the vet’s clinic, when he becomes over excited to get a new chewy bone and the funniest when he hops all around dad and finally gets his daily doze of hugs, kisses and pampering in dad’s lap.

Having a pet in the house lowers down the stress level and there is a positivity that flows throughout. But amidst all this just remember one thing; you have your job, your friends, your weekends, but your pets only have you. So your responsibility towards them increases exponentially. Spend quality time with them, tug of war, fetch ball or just a stroll. Do what makes them happy and then see how they make you happy. Romeo has taught me patience and I am more than thankful to him. He has given me a great sense of responsibility and of course the compassion and dedication that he has taught me, I could never have learnt it in any course.

For you these may just be some random instances but for me and my family it is a special journey. And I know that all these memories would remain etched onto my heart forever.

So remember - Life is short Play with your dog!!!


Saurabh Monga
Romeo - My cutee friend with paws :) Loved the article :)

By: Saurabh Monga | 27 Apr 2013

Inam Sarah P
Dogs... They are the just the best pal in the whole universe. This article reminisced my own days of "First puppy at home", dates back to an age I don't even remember, around the time I was learning A for Apple, kinder garden.Sigh. Wish to relive those day

By: Inam Sarah P | 27 Apr 2013

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