Meet The Cutest Recurits of a Taiwanese NTPD Squad & The World Just Cannot Stop AWWWING!

15 Jun 2017 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Meet Fishin, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ and Full Moon – the newest (and the most adorable) dog baby additions to Taiwan’s Police K-9 units. These cuddly and sleepy puppies are about to start their training and will eventually have a serious role in the NPA’S K-9 Anti Bomb And Drug force and Blood Detection units based in Taipei.

The cream colored adorable labrador is named Fushin which means 'a lucky star' in English. He and his five siblings, Schuman, Federica, Eagle, AJ and Sunny, were born on May 9.

Their parents, Leader and Yellow, are both two years old. They are sniffer dogs at the K9 Unit, the detection dog team of the New Taipei City Police Department.

Captain Pan, who has served the police for more than 30 years and caught many drug dealers, showed much affection for the six puppies as he talked about them.

He said they were the first litter of dogs bred by the unit and the officers had taken turns to provide around-the-clock care.

'Fushin is especially cute because he is different from all the others, and he is the naughtiest.

For now the 1-month-old puppies are still more into sleeping and eating than fighting crimes and saving the world. “According to our current observation, Fushin is ambitious and courageous. He is very special. Sometimes, he would fall asleep while eating, and then he would wake up suddenly and carry on eating like nothing happened. How could people not love something as cute as that?” asks Captain Pan from Taiwan’s Police

Pan Tian-long, the captain of K9 Unit, said all of the six puppies would undergo training to become detection dogs.

Captain Pan said Schuman, Federica, Eagle, AJ and Sunny, which are all black, would be trained as drug detection dogs. After the training, that they would assist the police officers to discover, hunt and pursue traces at crime scenes as well as catch suspected criminals.'

The K9 Unit of the New Taipei City Police Department has sniffer dogs specialised in different tasks, including explosive detection, drug detection, attacking and blood detection, according to Captain Pan.

The squad usually brings large dogs, such as German shepherds, on patrol and to arrest suspects; and sends medium-sized dogs, such as Labradors, to carry out detecting assignments indoors and among crowds of people.

Small dogs, such as Beagles, are used by the team to search for traces in tiny spaces or above ceilings.

Source : Dailymail, Boredpanda


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