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Meet the Woman who Feeds 400 Stray Dogs Everyday!

26 Oct 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Fulfilment and real happiness doesn't come from counting the luxuries in hand, but from realizing how meaningful your life can be, for serving others. That is what made Sulakshmi what she is, a real incarnation of God for those 400 helpless stray dogs, whose life revolve around just getting some food and lots of love from her!


Sulakshmi Dasgupta’s passion and unique love for the care of dogs is an epitome of true social service, and persistent resolve to take care of an animal which gives you so much, albeit rarely receives as much back.  Fifteen years ago she and her husband Pinaki Dasgupta had 3 dogs as their pets in their house in C.R.Park, New Delhi. Unlike others who only feed their own dogs, and care for them, she started to feel compassion for the stray dogs around their house and began to feed them as well. While their home slowly filled up from 3 to 4 to 5 to 6 dogs (2 from the streets) she made a special effort to go out and feed more of them. She not only fed them but also arranged for medical treatments, injections, sterilization etc.


And today, every single day she feeds about 400 dogs in major localities such as C.R. Park, Kalkaji, Kailash Colony,Greater Kailash-Part-I, Greater Kailash-Part-II, and Okhla Phase 1 & 3. What is marvelous to note is her zeal, which enables her to personally cook 80-85kg. of Rice and 35-40kg. of chicken for the dogs every day who await her arrival in the midst of an ignorant throng.



Animal lover? Yes. But more than that, for Sulakshmi this is a mission. The labour that goes into the food, and the distribution could be an output of ten pairs of hands. Here we have Sulakshmi, her passion, her two hands and her two feet. She prefers working alone, for she cannot entrust the special kind of treatment she provides to the dogs to anyone else. This is not a task for her, which if she did employ anyone else to do, it would have been. A lot of love goes into it, which a helper would not be able to put forth. Of course she admits and rejoices at her husband’s support without whom the financials of it all would never have worked out. He has encouraged and provided equally for her.


She has faces criticism and has dealt with inconsiderate civilians innumerable times. At the same time many have noticed her work and appreciated her spirit. Words are not enough, or in fact they seem meager to describe this endeavor of her’s. One has to see it, to feel it, to believe it, to know it. She regularly visits the slums behind the Bhairon Temple (Kalkaji) and offers food, sweets, clothes and books to the children and women.


This is a world of grey walls, the congested city air, the hustle and bustle of daily life, the horns honking away to the orchestra of the traffic, and in this world one forgets to stop for a moment and realize the good within ourselves. Sulakshmi stands for those things for which we can make an effort. Here is a lady, doing good by her own measure. The world may be full of big things, and opportunities, and probabilities. But her way of life, is to reach out to these animals as humanly possible by her. 


Now, under the Swargasaathi Charitable Trust (Regd.) set up by her, she looks forward to meet more individuals like her who would love to help in this cause. As her base of the number of dogs is increasing, and she definitely wants to increase her area of reach, there is a dire need for more funds and more hands to help her if possible.

The trust is now open to charities, and cheques can be drawn out in the above mentioned name. For more information, one can write an email to swargasaathi@gmail.com, or contact them at +91-9910576883.

You can contribute to this cause by making donation to the Swargasaathi trust. You can also contribute by sharing this article across to fellow dog lovers. Remember, every single step counts!

Swargasaathi Charitable Trust

Reg.No:IN- DL 73130734043197 L

Pan No.AANTS4774L

Trustee:Sulakshmi Dasgupta

Bank:United Bank of India 

Chittaranjan Park,New Delhi -110019

Account No.0470050018869



TO No.447175


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