Meet The Woman Who Made The Most Beautiful Dog-House For Injured Strays

28 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Passion makes a person do wonderful things in life. This story is not ordinary, its a story that'll melt you heart. A woman from Pune has been able to achieve what many of us keep talking about. She made sure no stray she ever met was neglected. It takes a huge heart and a lot of courage to begin this journey. Read below as she talks about her struggles and achievements:

Anita Wadekar is a resident of Silver Dale Society, Pune. She works with IBM and has always loved dogs and tries her best to do my bit to help whenever she sees a distressed soul. She get them all operated at her own expense. Last year during summer she also got water bowls installed all along the street (B.T.Kawade Road) outside her place and spoke with shop owners who agreed to fill the bowls daily. These were mostly installed outside chicken shops which usually have a lot of strays around.



"I take care of around 11 strays in my office premises. Apart from that, if I come across any injured dogs I treat them as well. I've treated several dogs with different kinds of injuries. One of the pups in my office was beaten by some guard and had a broken leg. I got her home and got her operated. She had to have metal clips fixed in her leg because of which I didn't have the heart to leave her back. So I adopted her. Her name was Zoey."

Her dog at home is a rescue from outside her office. He was a month old and was very ill when she picked him up.  His name is Costa named after the Costa Coffee that he was found outside. He'll turn 7 this year!



"I found Pepper (mother) and her pup (Ginger) in a very bad state outside my society 5 years ago. They had very bad mange with bloody patches and almost no hair on their skin. So I started treating them. That's how they started following me inside my society. In the initial few months the watchman was instructed to beat them and shoo them out of the building. But these 2 would find a way back every single time. Once they were all better, I got them vaccinated and operated over time."


 They usually sleep under cars or dig a hole in the garden and sleep there to protect themselves from the cold.



Anita, the wonder-woman got a copy from the AWBI website (which states that community dogs cannot be removed) to the society office. And her efforts did not end here. She said,  "I spoke with my Society community members to allow me to build a small shelter for these 2 dogs. As they've been in the society for close to 5 years now, they belong here. Once they agreed, I planned on the design for the shelter and got it custom made. I wanted it to look beautiful so that it only adds to the look of the society and looks clean as well."


"Since the dog house was installed, the children of the society took a real fascination to the house as well as Pepper and Ginger. There has also been more acceptance of these dogs as community dogs since society members seem to understand that these dogs are not strays but belong here."



One very simple message from her side - "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them - Dalai Lama" . I say this because I often see people hurt stray dogs for no reason at all. So it's ok if they don't love animals, the least they can do is not hurt them.

Cheers to her and her amazing efforts! She is truly an inspiration for all the dog-lovers.

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