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“Crazy cat lady” is a stereotype that has been in existence since forever! For many years, cats have been associated with feminine friendship and rarely have they been thought of being companions to men! However, regardless of the gender, there are numerous people (read, men) who find joy in the companionship of a cat.

men and cats 4

Source: Ian somerhalder (Instagram)

When it comes to research, science has proven that people with cats have a very different personality when compared to people with dogs. For some, men who love cats evoke a negative or a nerdy personality while the likes of Marlon Brando, Bill Clinton, Joseph Gordon Lewitt, Channing Tatum, Iam Somerhalder and Liam Hemsworth have all broken the stereotype barrier to prove that cat loving men are as wonderful, hip and sensitive as their feline friends.

There are dating sites where women write “men who love cats, not welcome” and well it’s just an unnecessary bias! Men who love cats tend to be more introverted and sensitive than dog people and are often more open minded in nature. Researchers who studied dog and cat people personalities also noticed that men with cats tend to be non conformists and are more practical in nature.

Some of the reasons why men with cats are great – whether it’s for a relationship or just general parlance have been iterated.

Men with cats are respectful towards mood swings!

men and cats 1

Source: Bored Panda

Cats, like women, can be moody and may not feel amiable all the time. Men with cats are likely to be more sensitive and respectful to mood swings and would understand when to back off from a grumpy cat and when to be all welcoming and coy to them.

Men with cats are responsible

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Source: GQ

Having a feline friend comes with its responsibilities. Even though cats may not require regular baths or long walks, they crave for attention. Cats are also very particular about their bathroom hygiene and not do very well if their litter box ain’t clean. Men with cats are aware of these details and make sure that things are not dirty for their feline companions.

Men with cats are known to be fantastic partners!

men and cat s6

Source: GQ

Dog people are cheerful and tend to be interested in keeping practically everyone happy! It’s the complete opposite when it comes to men who keep cats! They are known to be more interested in keeping themselves and their partners happy!

Men with feline companions are known to be more adjusting

men and cats 7

Source: GQ

Cats are blessed with multi dimensional personalities – happy, sweet, active, lazy, boring, interesting, standoffish, coy, crazy and charming all in one.  Men who have feline companions understand the different personalities and tend to be more accepting and flexible with people and in their relationships.

We think men with cats are as awesome as anyone else! The sensitive nature, the accepting and flexible approach to life, the caring and somewhere introvert personality  makes them a great, trusting friend and a wonderful person to be in a relationship with.

Cheers! To all the cat lovers!


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