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Miglior Gatto

Miglior Gatto

Migilor Gatto is known to be well known pet food brand that produces quality can food for your cats and dogs. The company Morando was founded in 1940 under the name of Enrico Morando. The unprecedented success of the company saw it getting listed and becoming a public limited company in the 1980s. Enrico Moranado an Italian by descent changed the Italian pet manufacturing industry.

The Morando industry started with producing agricultural products and it was by accident in France that Enrico came in contact with the pet food market. It was in one of the fateful trips in Marseilles that Enrico saw a billboard advertising canned food for cats and dogs. He just bought home some tins to examined the content of the product. When this pioneer was thinking of making this product there was no particular pet brand that was prevalent in Italy.

After his meeting with the ministry of agriculture in 1950 he was ready with the draft of the project, blueprint of the proposed plant and the basic hygiene regulations that need to be followed for pet productions. Over the decades of its existence the requirements of pet owners have changed. Morando has also changed itself to suit to the requirements of the consumers.

Morando has remained to be a family business till date; Enrico himself along with his children and grandchildren has continued to produce quality products for cats and dogs across the world.

They have developed specialised products for cats, dogs and horses with the help of cutting edge technology that offers quality product for your pets. Morando is a known name when it comes to producing quality product for the consumers.

They at the moment have two operational plants, one in Andezeno (Turin), that produces quality dry food and the other is the company headquarters in Molfetta (Bari) that specializes in producing wet food products.

Morando comes with a slogan ‘Cibo amico di ogni giorno’ that translates to ‘the everyday delicious food.’ They have various brand under the umbrella this includes Migilorcane and Migilor Gatto that offers a complete range of dry and wet food for cats and dogs. In addition there is a Professional range for both the brands and has been specifically formulated to be sold in agricultural and specialist stores across the world.

Along with this there is Preferiti and Deliziosi, which are premium lines and are three times more palatable, tastier and nutritious food for your pet. This specially formulated food will suit the palates of most discerning pets as well. The single serve products come with a royal jelly that helps in the upkeep of your cat as it has antibacterial properties that improves the digestibility of the food.

All Morando product range is made of excellent quality meat, fish, vegetables and cereals that are mixed in everyday food to ensure that both the dry and wet range is palatable for your pet while providing the necessary proteins, vitamins and fibres. It is further fortified with Omega 3 and 6, essential fats that help to maintain the general health of your pet.


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