Mission Kochi Campaign, Rescues Stray Dogs [News]

23 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

With the increase in the population of street dogs in Kochi and the subsequent rise in the attacks on motorists and pedestrians , the Civil Administrators have been very concerned about the entire situation. The State Human Rights Commission and High Court of Kerala has pulled up the authorities to keep a check on the dog population. The estimated number of street dogs in the city is to be between eight thousand to twelve thousand and their average lifespan is six to eight years.


City Veterinarians hope that the dog population will be kept on a check through an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme. An exact estimate of the dogs will be carried out before this programme, says KJ Kishorekumar, a veterinary surgeon associated with ABC.


kochi stray



According to the authorities, the population of the street dogs will be brought down to one thousand in two years through this programme. However, the complete elimination will not be possible since it will lead to the spurt in the population of pests and the rodents. There are plans being made to perform over 40 to 50 surgeries in a day during this campaign where the dogs will also be sterilized and vaccinated. Sterilization of dogs will lessen the aggression by 90 percent and will tame them as well, says the vet.

The local body has included the ABC programme in the Mission Kochi Campaign. This campaign is sought to launch 32 projects in 392 days. The campaign aims to control the population of street dogs and also help them behave and not be aggressive thus bringing a huge sigh of relief for the local people. Also, pet owners will be required to register their pets. In order to prevent dumping of old or sick dogs on the road thus increasing the overall stray dog population, the campaign aims to implant chips in the dogs. The Campaign is projected to be launched on World Rabies Day on 28th September.



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