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Monitor Your Pet Via Smartphone - Petcube [Preview]

25 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Do you often stress over leaving your pet dog or cat alone at home? Hopefully so will not be the case in the coming years.


Extensive research and development by many independent and technology firms is leading to the possibility of many futuristic products in the market.


One of which is ‘Petcube’, a revolutionary gadget which lets you interact with your pet while you are away with a simple click.


A cubical glass and aluminium concoction which very much resembles a small speaker comes pre-installed with a camera, a laser pointer, wifi access and a microphone, all of which can be accessed over a smartphone or a tablet with an app.


Source: petcube.com


Seeing the super appealing primary features, the opportunities are endless. It is quite likely that your pet will spend less time frustrated and more time involved. As a result we can expect them to be mentally and physically exhausted enough to take sufficient naps between play times.


Most of us would empathize by the fast paced urban lifestyles everyone has to conform with to make ends meet. Not to forget the impact it has on our pets, leading to separation anxiety and frustration based soiling and destruction indoors.


Imagine your dog having a feeling every day that their owner is never going to return, the amount of panic and chaos that might override his usually innocent little brain.


Having the pleasure of monitoring your loved pet online from anywhere you might be, in addition to the facility of engrossing them with a laser pointer when they seem to be in a unbalanced mood. If that wasn’t enough, Petcube offers to take pictures and videos of your pet and directly share them online through your smartphones. If you still miss your pet too much, the additional microphone facility lets you talk to your pet with voice or video conference.

The inception of the idea was published on Kickstarter where the developers got twice the monetary support they had expected. The release date of this product is around early third quarter - 2014 and it will roughly cost around $200. Reasonable price for a lifetime relief from worry.  

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