Monsoon fun with Romeo!

04 Jul 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

It is that time of the year when green looks greener. The time when you look up and find the most heavenly greys. It’s time for monsoon madness yet again. But if you are a pet parent, this is the time that you loathe.

It is during these days when skin infections are on a rise, ticks and fleas become a nuisance and many gastro problems creep up. The best way to avoid all these problems is to keep your pet dry. But if we don’t splash and dance in the rain, what’s the fun? Romeo makes the most innocent face to go for a walk in the rain. He totally adores playing in the rain and watching the rain from the balcony. But to avoid him from getting drenched we have his personal protection mechanism – his uber cute blue raincoat. Another fascination that Romeo has recently developed is with colourful umbrellas. Whenever he sees my umbrella he gets all excited and starts hopping around with joy. It is like an instant mood uplifting therapy that never fails to bring a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. Despite the enjoyment of this weather, it gets its shares of drama as well. Don’t let your pet near the puddles. Some naughty babies try splashing in the mud and puddles which can cause a host of skin infections. Sniffing comes naturally to dogs, but we take extra care when we take Romeo for a walk. We try and keep him away from grass and shrubs because that is the best place for ticks to hide. We all know how particular they are about the place they choose to pee and poop, try to take them in dry area as far as possible. Mucky areas become worse during monsoons and I don’t know why Romeo those places. If you have just got a puppy, don’t leave them alone and unattended during the storm. Just being with them would make a big difference. Storm anxiety is very common in dogs. They try to hide under the bed or the sofa and are extremely vulnerable. When Romeo does some mischiefs we make him understand in a polite manner. Punishing your pet and scolding them can lead to more stress. Romeo used to get too scared of thunder and lightning when he was a puppy, but now he has overcome that fear.

monsoon fun with RomeoAfter the walk, mom takes extra care to wash his feet and dry him properly. It is advised that you keep the hair near the tail, ears, rectum and the paws trimmed so that your pet can avoid catching bacterial and fungal infections. We regularly clean Romeo’s ears and eyes which help him look clean and feel happy. Since dogs especially long haired breeds tend to shed a lot in this season we devote 15 – 20 minutes every day for Romeo’s grooming. The grooming session is also a great way to bond with the pet, so don’t miss the fun. The market has a plethora of grooming tools like brushes, combs etc. You should choose the right tools depending upon the breed, coat length and the age of your canine companion. Brushing is an important part of the grooming regime even for puppies, so take a comb that is not too harsh on their delicate coat. Ticks are a menace in this season thus we use a tick collar to protect Romeo against ticks. For added protection against ticks and fleas we use an anti-tick shampoo for Romeo for every alternate bathing session. It is quite common that dogs smell weird in this season; you can use special aroma shampoos and conditioners for that blissful experience. We often use bath wipes to give Romeo a quick sponge.  Drying your pet especially if they are long haired becomes a hassle in monsoons, thus we don’t bathe Romeo frequently. Dry shampoos and dry bath cleanser sprays can also be another option, although Romeo is not very fond of them.

But just in case your beloved falls in the mischievous category and an absorbent towel is not enough for him/her, you can try dog hair dryers. Some dogs, including my little baby Romeo tend to get scared because of the noise and the force. So be careful while using it and don’t overdo it. Extended exposure can be a cause of stress and I am sure you would not want them to be distressed and sad in such lovely weather. Once all the bathing and drying is over, we give Romeo some treats - biscuits, chewy bones or dry nibble. It proves to be a source of encouragement so that he continues his good behaviour. It is like an added goodie after the pat on his back. Since outdoor activity is restricted, I and Romeo indulge in a happy playful tug of war session indoors itself. We try and keep him busy with his toys and chewy bones so that he does not miss playing outdoors.

Another thing to be kept in mind during monsoons is your pet’s food pattern. It is quite common that dogs get affected by gastro problems like upset stomach, constipation, vomiting etc. So give your pet a healthy and balanced diet that is not too heavy for their system. If your pet likes home cooked food, make sure you give them only fresh food. At no cost they should be given stale food. We give Romeo a combination of home cooked food and dog food to keep his system healthy. We substitute chicken and other non-veg with green veggies and fruits for Romeo.

It is important that you keep a check on your pet, but by doing so don’t devoid them of the fun. We enjoy the weather sipping tea and gorging on yummy pakodas. At times we share half a pakoda with Romeo, although it isn’t a healthy habit but it is fun. Whatever you do, add the extra dose of love and pampering. So make the most of the weather by enjoying the breeze and making bubbles with your beloved.

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