8 Dog Breeds That Bark Less

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Unlike us humans, dogs do not communicate verbally through words. They use barking as a form of communication - whether its with humans or other pets. A dog may bark, howl, yell and even growl based on the situation and the mood that he / she is in. It is imperative for pet parents to understand what sort of a bark the dog is communicating with and what is the trigger or stimulus to which the dog has responded by barking - whether its happiness, urgency, protective instinct or simply because the dog needs attention.

Many a times, pet parents are unable to understand the nature of bark of their dogs and often it leads to trouble - either the neighbours would complain or at times, the family of the dog themselves will get aggravated by the barking and use negative reinforcement such as yelling or scolding or even tying up the dog. Result - more barking!!

As pet parents, you will have to understand why a dog barks i.e. what really triggers a dog to bark. Incessant barking dogs may become a nuisance for anyone, however there are certain breeds that bark relatively less and hence are often considered as family pets especially by people who live in apartments or condominiums where loud barking dogs may not really make welcome guests in the neighbourhood.


basenji dog

Basenji is a pariah-type central African dog that belongs to the Hound family. Also known as a “barkless dog”, Basenjis have been blessed with a unusually shaped larynx that produces a deep yodel like sound more commonly known as the “barroo”. This unusual bark is relatively low pitched than the bark of other breeds.

Basset Hound


Basset Hounds are one of the most lovable and easy going dogs in the canine world. The only thing that really gets them going is the scent or trail of something really interesting - such as a rabbit or other game. Basset Hounds rarely bark but when excited, you can hear them Bay.



Bloodhounds too fall in the category of silent dogs. When they are at home, relaxing and spending time with their human family, Bloodhounds will be the happiest and rarely make a sound. However, when they are out on a trail and smell something interesting, you may hear them howl in excitement.



Pugs are one of the most loved toy dogs in the world. Their happy and calm temperament make them one of the most beloved family pets. Pugs do not bark but make a purring-type sound when they are being pampered or when they are extremely happy.

Great Dane


Many of us get intimidated by the towering persona of a Great Dane. However, they are one of the most calm and gentle dogs who would preferably laze around in their favourite spot in the house rather than bark and alarm anyone around.

Saint Bernards

saint bernad

Whenever one talks about a Saint Bernard, an image of a large cuddly sleepy dog carrying a brandy caskett comes into the mind. Saint Bernards are one of the most docile dogs and rarely bark unless its an urgency or when in rescue operations, they have found somebody in the snow.



Like most Hounds, Greyhounds are known to bark when they catch scent of something interesting like a squirrel or a rabbit, though even while chasing game, they are quiet in nature so as not to alarm the prey.



Just like Great Danes, many are intimidated by the sheer size of a Mastiff. However, they are very gentle in nature and generally bark when they are on their protective stance, especially around their family.

In general, there are no “barkless” dog breeds. Dogs do bark however, the frequency, intensity and the trigger to their barks may differentiate them from dogs that bark more than usual.

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