Mother and daughters arrested for making money from an illicit puppy farm

29 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Apparently, mother and her two daughters made a whopping £100,000 from an illicit puppy farm. Teresa Wade, aged 57 is a mother of two daughters, Charlotte and Danielle both 29 years of age passed off ill dogs that were raised in filthy cages as home-bred. About 1900 pups, many dying or sick were sold to numerous animal lovers after being bred in this illegal puppy farm in Britain. Allegedly, Teresa raised cockapoo-kinds in the cages on a large industrial scale. Both the daughters advertised this on Pets4Homes website and minted £750 for each dog.


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Over and over again, the bred-dogs died soon or suffered from one or the other illness as soon as they were purchased by new owners. One of the clients mentioned that their “new dog” vomited worms. Hazel Stevens, the prosecutor mentioned saying that, “Given these figures, it is said this enterprise if licensed, would have been one of the largest breeding establishments in the UK. The sums of money involved put this as a fraud in excess of £100,000.”

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After being raided by RSPCA in 2014, Teresa’a house was found with 76 dogs in a bad condition, which included one of the pooches literally rotting away. Poodles, cocker spaniels were caged in windowless sheds, the worse part was seen, one small cage containing 14 pups with no access to water or food. The court was shown a video footage of the same as evidence. Carroll Lamport from RSPCA mentioned in the court, “They were dirty, some were pot-bellied and generally they appeared somewhat depressed. For the most part what bedding there was of shredded paper was wet and it was dirty. A lot of the water bowls were empty. I would have expected these dogs to have had some proper heating and decent bedding, especially if they were pregnant or feeding puppies. They were quite nervous, but it was more when you put the lead on to them they seem to panic, they didn’t realize what it was. They dropped to the floor and had to be picked up.”

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However, Teresa and her two daughters denied all the allegations. The trial hasn’t ended as of now and the final judgment is yet to be announced.

We hope that the pooches get justice and the mother-daughters get the appropriate punishment.

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