Nana, the SuperSmart Border Collie [Video]

17 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Training

Most of us owners expect to receive dogs that obey orders like a butler. What we fail to realize is that for a dog to LEARN ‘tricks’ they need to be TAUGHT ‘tricks’. Who might be this teacher of tricks be, you may ask.

Well it has to be no one else but you, the dog’s owner. A trainer, handler or behaviourist can just make the picture more clear and teach you. Maybe some of us can teach your dog a few commands. But the responsibility of your pet’s obedience can only be achieved with consistency and practice.

To inspire all the dog lover’s in India, here’s a video of Nana the Border Collie performing some commendable tricks. An amazing piece of artistry by Nana and her human which has already been viral over the internet for quite some time, promotes the use of clicker training methods that still have a way to go in terms of national exposure for us.



Nana is a 6 year old Border Collie who is well-versed with around 250 commands and behaviour acts. We know that Border Collies are inarguably the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, however our home pets are not far behind in cognition.

Please share your views about Nana the star of the video or clicker training after you view this amazing piece of awesomeness and hopefully get wildly inspired to work with your dog in a similar manner.

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