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Grooming a dog is just as important as feeding him and in some cases, even more so. A groomed dog is a healthy dog and a healthy dog is a happy dog. Grooming holds a lot of importance because of the fact that it renders your dog clean and free from any potential health hazards. Your dog can pick up dust, dirt, and parasites very easily and it is your job to rid him off all that. You can’t get careless and end your grooming session with only a bath. Bathing him will of course render him clean but what about his ears, eyes, and teeth? You need to clean them too. Alongside, you need to clip his nails and hair so that his overall health is not compromised at all. If you let go off all these procedures your dog will be susceptible to a number of problems and that can be very painful to him as well as you.

Remember that there are separate dog grooming tools for dogs and you must not use the same tools as you use. Grooming tools for dogs are designed keeping the needs of dogs in mind. You should, thus, buy specific tools so that you groom your dog easily and don’t subject him to unnecessary pain.

The problem is that not many people understand grooming. They don’t know what is necessary and which tools they must pick up. Here is a detailed guide of the necessary dog grooming equipment for your little pet:

Bath Accessories

There is more to bathing than just selecting the right shampoo and conditioner. You should make sure you purchase the best so that your dog is not harmed at all. Some cheap quality shampoos can actually hurt your dog and his coat will shed rapidly. Buy the best, thus. Most of the shampoos available in the market can be divided into these following types:

Natural: Natural dog shampoos include tea tree oil shampoos, aloe vera shampoos, oatmeal shampoos, and so on. These shampoos don’t have any chemicals at all and are perfectly safe for your pet. Oatmeal shampoos have the special property of reducing itching and soothing your dog’s skin.

Tear-free: Tear-free shampoos are ideal for dogs like pugs whose eyes literally bulge out. Shampoos can be really irritating, reddening, and painful if they make contact with eyes. Moreover, they can compromise your dog’s vision. This is why you should choose tear-free shampoos so that your dog’s eyes are safe. If your dog usually creates a fuss and refuses point blank to get a bath, you should use this shampoo. In your struggle, your hand may come in contact with his face or eyes. This precaution will help you.

Medicated: If your dog has a skin condition or in general has sensitive skin, you can use these types of shampoos. They are safe and target specific problems of your dog. You can pick the type based on the skin condition of your dog.

Conditioner: Conditioners are used to moisturize your dog’s coat and to keep it tangle-free and shiny. You can either buy a separate conditioner or a shampoo with conditioner.

Other bath supplies include a separate towel for your dog and a rubber glove if needed. Also, if you don’t want to give your dog a bath, you can go for dry bathing. You can find a number of different dry bathing products to choose from, too.

Dog Brushes and Combs

The most common grooming activity after bathing is brushing your dog’s hair. Ideally though, you should brush his hair first and then give him a bath.

You have various different types of brushes and combs to choose from and you can choose whatever suits your dog the best according to his coat and other factors. Here are a few common types:

Bristle brushes: There are again different types of bristle brushes based on the make of the bristles. They may be soft, they may be firm, and they may be anything in between. The bristles may be long or short.

Slicker brushes: If your dog has medium or long hair, these brushes are for him. They will untangle the hair and the mats easily.

Shedding tools: If your dog sheds too much, this is the one for him. Dogs with longer hair usually shed more. You can reduce shedding with a god shedding tool or brush. It also removes the excess hair from the coat.

Flea combs: These combs detect and eliminate fleas.

Nail Clippers

Dogs’ nails grow pretty quickly and that is why investing in a good nail clipper is a good idea. You should clip your dog’s nails every now and then – at least once a week or once in two weeks depending on the growth. You will find variations such as claw-style clippers, filing tools, scissor like tools, etc.

Ear Cleaners

These include ear powder, ear cleansers, cotton balls, and pads. If your dog has an ear infection, you should choose a special ear cleaner preferably after consulting the vet.

Dental Supplies

Dog dental supplies include toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth sprays, mouth fresheners, and so on. You can choose based on how well your dog responds to a brush and a paste. Some dogs simply hate it. Don’t make him miserable by forcing him. Use a spray instead.

Other grooming equipment for dogs includes deodorizers, shedding control tools such as trimmers that you can use to cut your dog’s hair every now and then. Dogs with short coat don’t need trimming but if you have a poodle or another dog that has long hair, you need to groom it by cutting the hair regularly.


The best tools for your dog depend on your dog’s requirements. It’d be ideal to buy a general kit keeping all the general requirements in mind. There are other tools such as a flea comb that you must have at all times for emergencies. Besides that, you can buy additional supplies as and when the time such as medicated dog shampoos and medicated ear cleansers.

Now that you know what your dog needs, go ahead, and make your purchase. Buy the best for your dog so that he is healthy and happy!

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