Need immediate help: Out of wits on this one

29 Oct 2012 | by | Posted in: Q&A

I have 3 dogs at our home. The last dog is Indian mixed breed, was a rescue from very abusive pet parents. The dog Sonu was not fed, tied up and left to rot in its own excreta. Well when he arrived at our home, he had shown considerable amount of aggression towards us and our dogs. Sonu is looked after by my sister and lives in a separate room with balcony. He is very timid even after 18 months at our home. Gets afraid of new comers, new sounds. We tried to socialize him by taking him out to walks but he resists it and hates it. He also develops rashes and allergy when he steps out.
The problem is that my sister has gone out for her studies. Sonu has developed severe separation anxiety and cries through out the night. I sleep in his room these days, but during the night he tries to attack me, if i get up to go to bathroom. Also he has bit my wife 4-5 times very badly. He is loved for and is never beaten or starved.
Since he tries to attack us and our other dogs we have unfortunately started to tie him up. This has increased the problem.
We have put him through a process of training but this has not helped. These days either me or my wife take leave from office to stay near him. My other dogs go along easily with our maid in our absence but not Sonu. Respected members need your suggestions as we are now out of our wits. Cannot take further leaves.

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Amritha Lawrence
sir your dog is a partial Indian hound, they are all one man dogs so it would take time for it to get adjusted with you, you will have to be a little soft to him, an abused dog takes much time to trust so it is equally hard for him to adjust to the new environment, give it some time and in the mean while just go to a trainer and take a few tips about the situation

By: Amritha Lawrence | 02 Nov 2012

Well, first of all credit to you guys for loving him even after he put you through some struggles. For sure he is in a perfect home with perfect parents. Few questions:- is there anything that you guys do that provokes her alertness/anger? this could just be moving fast or speaking louder or just any actions that you do. you may need to watch him closely to understand what is provoking her and reaffirm that it is okay and is not a threat. If it is just an anxiety of missing your sister she should be getting it slowly by now- Does she behave differently with everyone in your house? you might have heard this 1000 times but still dog is a pack animal and it looks up to everyone in your house as a pack and should always know that she is only in the bottom of the list and should oblige to anyone. - Does your other 2 dogs take her easily? as i said earlier your dog needs to know its order in the pack. if you dont know how to make him understand it well may be your dogs know it. you could slowly let her introduce and play with your dogs perhaps with some restraint initiallyis it possible for you to video tap him on this behavior and share it? i am not any trainer but somebody who loves and can understand dogs

By: Bala | 22 Nov 2012

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