My neighbour's dog is suffering

21 Jul 2011 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

Hello Animal lovers,

I'm from Ahmedabad city. And I want to tell you about our neighbour's dog, a GSD who is suffering a lot there. They treat him like a slave and not like a pet. They chain him at one place for days and the dog has to sit where he passes stool. And the place where they make him sit is very dirty, full of stones. In summer many times when the dog feels so hot he kicks his water bucket but they don't check it and fill it again. We filled his bucket many times. In monsoon they don't care if the dog is sitting in wet place for days.

They bit him by chain, stick and sometimes kick him. They give him very less food therefore he is so thin. Also they never take him for a walk, neither let him be free and roam in their bungalow's compound. Many times we told them to treat the dog as family member and take good care of him but it seems that they do not have any feeling for him. They just need their security and that is why they have purchased him. We told him to give or sell the dog to someone else if they can't take much care of him. But they told us that they need security and so they want the dog.

Kindly let me know if anything can be done for the poor pet. I tried at few places but they didn't give proper response.


A few houses away I saw a Rotty remaining tied whole day as the owner stated that he has little time to take it for walks. However, it is never ill-treated and is well fed but remains tied the whole day. I got friendly with the owner and the Rotty and I am now allowed to take it for a walk every other day. My German male Spitz that I had adopted does not like long walks. I am still trying to understand why. So this Rotty fits in my needs of a long walk early morning. U could try the same Rupangi.

By: gspal | 27 Jul 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
unfortunately this is the scenario in most of the dog homes in India. try contacting PETA etc and see what they say..but hopes are less.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Jul 2011

Thank you for commenting and suggestions to my comment. Actually I tried to take him out for a walk and also tried to contact PETA and other trusts working for animals but as you said I failed as they didn't do anything and he is still suffering.....I don't know what can I do for him....he is so thin, dirty and has to sit at the same place for days...

By: Am | 01 Sep 2011

Send an SMS to Kamna Pandey at +919918659000. Though she is based in Lucknow, she is also on Facebook. She is very much involved in these matters. She will either contact a person in Ahmedabad to take up the matter or put up the case on Facebook. A former member of this forum, Nolini, had contacted her on my behalf and through her we got to adopt our Bozo.

You may also contact local vets in your area as to who could help.

I am a little surprised that those running this forum have not been able to come forward and give advise on this matter as it comes clearly under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

By: gspal | 01 Sep 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
if the owner is a govt employee there is law in which he can loose his job if dog is ill-treated.i can guide further on it if this is the case

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 01 Sep 2011

Thank you very much for the information Anil. I will try to do the same...

By: Am | 02 Sep 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
i have nearly all the laws copies pertaining to animal rights in India. i will have it scanned and load somewhere.. you can go through them and do the needful. Remember to email/post a copy to AWBI always when you do it

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 02 Sep 2011

Gr8 Anil. Now at last we have an advocate for our best friends. Do load onto your site Colossus Kennels.

By: gspal | 02 Sep 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
sure sir, once back home from farm will load it there

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 02 Sep 2011

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