Never miss out these things while travelling abroad with your dog

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Travelling is itself a task, and when you have your four-legged friend accompanying you, it’s a completely different story. A lot of planning is needed especially if you are travelling abroad with your pooch. Not because of his baggage but a whole list of rules and regulations need to be taken care of when you leave for an international holiday with your pup. Every country has different requirements of travelling with a pet. Here we have a basic list of things that you could take care before planning a trip with your fur ball.


1. Custom laws


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It is vital for you to have knowledge of what exact requirements are for your dog in that particular country you are planning to visit. Custom laws vary from country to country, hence, one need to be thorough with all the rules and regulations. Sadly, there are few countries which don’t allow any kind of foreign dog to enter their home ground.


2. Checkup and vaccinations


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Just in case your dog isn’t finished with all the vaccinations, make sure you do them before taking them along to an international holiday. Schedule a visit to a vet and get him checked –up thoroughly. A fit to travel certificate for your pooch would be an add-on.


3. Pet-friendly airlines


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Before you think of booking a pet-friendly hotel in the destination country, make sure you check up with airlines as well. Certain airlines do not accept pets. Therefore, look for pet-friendly airlines, which would allow your pooch to travel along with you.


4. Pet-friendly hotels


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Of course, after the airlines, booking a pet-friendly hotel is important. These days, most of the hotels allow pets if they have all the vaccinations done with a vet’s certificate. Remember to keep your dog’s documents handy along with yours while you travel abroad.


5. Keep your pup comfortable


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Just as us, our dogs also get uncomfortable during flights or face a headache after the long journey. The best you can do is to make sure that your pooch is comfortable and safe. Buy a high-quality carrier for your dog. While dealing with custom officers, keep your pooch calm. This will definitely help you in transition. You can buy dog crates here.


Planning is certainly important when it comes to travel with your dog. However, it solely depends where you are going, but it is always better to be prepared thoroughly.
Bon Voyage!

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