No Feeding the Stray Dogs- Mumbai Housing Society

11 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Things are really going out of hands when it comes to stray dogs. First, the Karachi government poisoned over 700 stray dogs to curb the population and now housing societies in Mumbai is imposing a decision of not to feed stray dogs. As inhuman as it can get, a fellow society member impeded a 45-year-old woman feeding a stray mutt. What’s worse was the member mentioned that the society has issued a notice with a so-called ‘rule’ which doesn’t allow pet owners to feed the stray in the complex.


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With all the mess of not feeding the stray rule, Shaheen Sayyed was with her 18-year-old daughter when she was doing the good deed. However, she was interrupted by this man. According to Sayyed, “This is an on-going problem in my housing complex. Any dog feeder who feeds stray dogs is stopped and intimidated by him and other members of the society. He has a history of stopping people from feeding stray dogs and he did the same with me on the night I went to feed a small puppy in my complex premises. He hurdled abuses at me and then a gang of 15 more people joined him and supported him. I was scared as I was accompanied by my 18-year-old daughter and knew nothing how to handle the situation. It was disrespectful and also illegal of them to stop me from feeding the stray puppy.”


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Of late, even the chairman of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Retired Major General R M Kharb condemned this statement. There is nothing in the laws which he mentions that one shouldn’t feed stray animals. Kharb added by saying, “feeding stray dogs is both lawful and helpful.”

We hope people understand that there isn’t anything wrong in feeding the stray. They are part of this world and helping the one in need is the best deed one can do.

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