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It Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

24 Feb 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Relocation! It is something that can give us jitters, the thought of packing everything up, going to a new country and setting up there is easier than done. It is not only the ordeal of shifting, the entire idea of leaving the memories of that particular place can also be heart wrenching. I would like to say that this is not everybody’s cup of tea. 

 It is not only difficult for humans but can be a harrowing time for the pets as well. After all they also go through the nerves of shifting to a new place. Here we will help you to get an insider view into the life of Cola, one of the well-travelled dogs, who has travelled across the globe.

Today, we trace the journey of Cola, a Retriever mix who came into the India with her parent Prashant Kumar. Here is Cola’s story narrated by her

Dog lover

Hi everyone! I am Cola, a ten year old black color Retriever mix, I come from United States, I am told that I am the envy of a lot of humans as well as dogs for the various countries that I have travelled in the past 10 years. Yes! I have been told that my passport is prolific, so you can say that I am well-travelled or as you humans call it I am a frequent flyer. I fly around the world because my father travels around for his work a lot and yes I am a pampered little daughter. I sleep with him on his bed and he ensures that I get the best. In fact I am his companion. Read more on International Travel :Getting a dog into India from another country

My pet parent or as I like to call him, my father says that I am his perfect companion, as if I did not know that early. Few months back when he got a job in Dubai, he was a little apprehensive. He was thinking of ways to get me with him. He once shared with me that what he was looking for was a reliable pet handler, who will help him to complete all the formalities without any hiccups. Something, which I personally find pretentious and time consuming but what to do you humans have a lot of laws that need to be adhered to. You humans do not have to get quarantine before travelling to another country so why me?

Anyways, it was very generous of our veterinarian to introduce me to Vizal Atheya from PetSpot, she helps in relocating pets like me with their parents in foreign countries. My grandmother, Nalini (i.e. Prasanth’s mothers) met her couple of times and assured me that she would take good care of me and she was right. I am staying with my grandparents once my father went to Dubai. Vizal use to come to my house to meet me often to get all the tiresome paperwork done.


As I mentioned above that I am a frequent traveler so there was no crate training as such required for me. Though, if you are new to flying then it is a must for you as getting inside a box can be quiet troublesome but for someone as experienced as me it is not much trouble though the journey would be much more comfortable on the other side with the food, drink and entertainment.

If you are travelling for the first time then it is very important to get use to the crate that you will be travelling in for all novice travelers it is important to do that if you are scared of the crate then the journey will be all the more difficult for you. I was an easy case though, Vizal says that I am a very friendly dog and am very good to new people and why should I need be. My father raised me to be the perfect lady, who is polite towards others and I love making friends as well.

Last week I was ready to board the flight to meet my father in Dubai. My stress was not over yet though; I had to go to the quarantine with Vizal to ensure that all my traveling documents were in order.  I needed my vaccination card, which of course contained all my immunization information and my father can be very strict about it. A copy of rabies antibody test results as if that was required for me. I don’t have rabies and why will I want to bite someone. Humans perplex me at times. Read more on Cages and Crates for Dogs: Are They Really so Important?

There is an export permit also required; there are some countries that require an import permit as well. Along with all this a vet officer gave me a fit to fly certificate as well. I was good to go and reunite with my family. I sleep with my father on his bed and was missing him. Once this was done, I knew it was just a matter of few days before I met him.


PetSpot and Vizal were darlings. They were with me for the entire process, they went with me to the airport as well; I had bid adieu to them, I was sad yet happy, I was leaving behind some great friends but was getting an adrenalin rush to meet my father after almost three months.

After a gruelling and boring five and half an hour flight I finally reached Dubai, the flight was half an hour delayed. I arrived in Dubai by a Jet Airways flight on Monday night. It gets a little boring when you do not have companions with you and these cruel crew members did not even give me anything to eat, while everyone else on board was eating and drinking to their heart’s content. Humans can be cruel this way, I am happy that my companions are different. Read more on Dog Crates for Every Need

As if that was not enough, they kept me inside my crate for three hours for the formalities and the paper work to be completed. It was two in the morning when they released me. The doctor examined me and gave me a clearance and finally Prashanth was there to see me. The people in the cargo village were very nice but it is always nice to see a known face. He gave me a big hug when I came out, I could sense that he missed me and missed him as well. He also gave me something to eat at around three in morning. I was tired after my long flight. I have seen a little of Dubai till now and it is as beautiful as I am. Watch out for the space to know about my other travels.

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