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"Nothing is Impossible with Patience and Love" says Shaheli

20 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Adoption, some people have a particular image of pet adoption. A weak, bruised and a shabby looking puppy is what people usually expect out of adoption drives. But wake up!!! Pet adoption means that you are giving a home to a less fortunate animal. He might be a purebred that was abandoned or our very own Indian dogs who we fondly call mongrels. It might just mean that you saw a kitty in the garden and got it home or for that matter you started feeding the dog and slowly he took your heart away (and yes all the biscuits as well). So to actually know what pet adoption is and how to go about it, you have two options, the first, you adopt a baby and know the real thing and the second, you read on to find out what Shaheli C has to say.

Tell us the story of how you adopted your pet and from where.

“There were 4 kittens and most of the time their mother used to forget all of them while moving from one place to another. ‘She’ was the most unfriendly one among those 4 babies.” Shaheli describes the magnetic charm that attracted her to do such a noble cause, “she had something in her that I cannot describe in words that pulled me towards her.”

According to you, should people prefer adoption or buying pets? Why?

For some people dogs are a matter of status symbol. If a friend or relative has a particular breed then it is mandatory to get a more exclusive breed, after all it’s a matter of status.

But Shaheli’s philosophy is quite clear. “Buying-Selling pets have become a business. So, I don't understand the reason of buying pets just for their fancy breed.  But when you adopt a pet you do it out of a feeling of love for them. If you treat your pet as your baby, your companion, your friend then it does not matter from where he/she has come from.”

Do you feel there is any difference in adopting a pet and buying a new born pup? In terms of behaviour and its care?

You and your pet share a journey that can only be expressed. As far as training them is concerned, it is like teaching your kids what is good and what is bad. Sometimes you do it with a reward and other times you do it with a strong attitude. So be it a purebred or an adopted mongrel, good and bad hold their place for both alike.

Shaheli shared her views on training “if you are adopting or buying a pup/kitten it is easy to train them, because you are starting from zero. But training an adult is little tough as they have a set lifestyle. But I’ll say that nothing is impossible with patience and love.”

Share some tips for people who are looking forward to adopt a pet/stray.

You cannot experience it until you have done it, so to feel the warmth and happiness you need to adopt a pet. Shaheli’s thoughts were quite similar, “just do it and see what joy you get” she said.

What do you feel should be done to encourage people to adopt pets?

Today per adoption is making its rounds in the social circle, thanks to the awareness campaigns and advertisements. It is encouraging to see a plethora of websites and social networking sites ringing a bell for this campaign.

“I have noticed a couple of websites promoting the cause of adopting animals” added Shaheli C.

Lastly, share some interesting things about your pet and the relation you share with him/her.

“She is the one who waits for weekends more eagerly than me. She is the one who waits for me at home when I get back from office. And when I reach home she makes me feel how special I am.”

There are so many magical moments that we share with our pets that it becomes almost impossible to keep a count of them. From the good morning kiss to the late night hug, our pets are certainly the best part of our lives.

Shaheli shared a heart-warming experience; “One night she was not able to sleep because of her back problem so I was giving her company. I kept my hand on her but may be the weight of my hand made her uncomfortable so she pushed it away. A couple of minutes later she came to me and put her paw on my palm which she had pushed.  She sat like that for hours with me. It was that day that I understood that be it a cat or any other animal they understand our emotions and their value.”

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