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Nothing can be more elevating than giving home to the One who really needs it - Kavita

22 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

For some pet adoption is the best way to share the love and regard that they have for their canine and feline companions. Be it a purebred St. Bernard or our very own Indian dogs or mongrels as they are called, the relationship that you will form with your pet depends only on one thing – compassion.

Pet Lover

Roger Caras said, “Dogs are not out whole life, but they make our lives whole.” They teach us to be loyal; they give us lessons on patience, reduce our stress levels, always lend their furry shoulder to cry upon and yes are the perfect patient listeners. Of course, not to be missed the downpour of infinite adoration, hugs and licks. Aren’t these reasons enough??

Kavita’s story has all the elements of a Bollywood Flick – emotions, drama and the most important a happy ending. She found her on the streets and those puppy eyes took her heart away. It has been more than a year since Kavita’s furry companion came into her life and it has been a magical experience.

Meet Kavita and Keavy in their picture perfect world.

Tell us the story of how you adopted your pet and from where.

“I love animals, especially the street animals. Keavy came in my life on 19th January 2012 when she was just a month old. My brother found her near a temple, where kids were pulling her tail. He called me and said there is a cute puppy on the street should I bring her home? Yes was the answer that I gave and have never regretted it. When I saw her she was so scared and was shivering due to cold. Her coat was full of ticks and fleas that had caused red marks all over her body. More than anything it was her cute face that I could not say no.”

According to you, should people prefer adoption or buying pets? Why?

“Though it is an individual’s personal choice, I personally support adopting. Nothing can be more elevating than giving a home to the one who really needs it. It is our responsibility that we give importance to the Indian Stray dogs. Indian dogs are aggressive, I can say that because I have one and I am very proud of her.”

Do you feel there is any difference in adopting a pet and buying a new born pup? In terms of behaviour and its care?

“There is least difference between adopting a pet and buying a pup.  You can mould a pup in to the way you want the dog to be, but adult dogs have their own mind set which is difficult to change. In both the cases the one thing that is common is love, and lots of love.”

Share some tips for people who are looking forward to adopting a pet/stray.Pet Lover

Opening your heart and home for a stray or an abandoned puppy is a great task. But one must realize that there are chances that the bond between you and your adopted companions would take relatively more time to flourish. The animals are stressed and traumatised by the living conditions, violence and lack of resources on the streets, thus it takes more than the usual time for them to adjust into the new environment. ( Dog Food Supplements )

Kavita gives some helpful tips. “When you decide to adopt a stray dog, keep in mind that they need lot of care to overcome the diseases and allergies. They require extensive medical supervision during initial 4-5 months. As they are a bit ferocious and stubborn, having a trainer is of great help. With time, patience and lots of love this task can be easily accomplished. Apart from all this, everything goes just like any other breed you buy”.  ( How to train a Dog )

What do you feel should be done to encourage people to adopt pets?

Nothing can be stronger and louder than your inner voice. It is that one special moment, that hint of magic that we all wait for. ( Basic of Dog Grooming )

Advertisements, awareness campaigns and adoption shows nothing would work, until you feel for the cause from your heart.

“More than anything it’s the mind set of people in India which discourages the Indian street dogs. In my opinion, special pet shows should be arranged only for Indian breeds, which would boost the confidence of owners. Free adoption campaigns should be organized, promoting adoption” added Kavita.

Lastly, share some interesting things about your pet and the relation you share with him/her.

We all have a plethora of stories and incidents about our pets. Each day is a wonderful journey with them and the memories remain etched onto our hearts forever and ever.

Kavita shares with us some memorable and joyous moments. “She is amazing, just like the dog I always wanted to have, aggressive who doesn’t entertain outsiders. The cute thing about her is that she loves food and would do anything for the sake of food, from sit, stand, shake hand to even salute. She has started understanding the term ‘bye’. As soon as we say bye, she starts pulling our clothes as if trying to stop us. And after hearing the term ‘chalo’, she runs towards the front door, as she knows it’s time to go out, which she loves the most.”

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