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Neglecting Your Pets Can Land You In Soup

08 May 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Source: ngm.nationalgeographic.com

Now, neglect your pet at your own peril. An inspector could soon be visiting your house to check on your pet and ensure you have kept it well fed and exercised, provided it adequate sleep, minimum physical space and made adequate arrangements for its mating.

The Union environment and forests ministry has proposed these and other strict regulations for pet owners besides setting up an array of rules to provide elevated comfort levels for domestic animals in India. UPA's social security scheme for pets, could one say?

Under the proposed rules, while pet owners will have to register the birth and death of all animals as well as provide veterinarian's statement certifying the cause of death, pet shop owners could now be forced to provide enviable living standards to the animals they wish to sell. A pet owner can be booked for cruelty to animals if found violating these rules.

If it's a pedigreed dog you want to keep, be prepared to be screened by the breeder or seller on your `potential' to properly take care of the animal - especially if it's a large breed - to groom it, train it, help it socialize and be able to afford its veterinary expenses and exercise regime.

At pet shops, ambient temperatures should be maintained for the animals at 25-30 degrees Celsius and humidity below 50% with air-conditioning. They should be housed in a safe building with fire safety equipment and an evacuation plan. The house must be away from sound, dust and air pollution. Adequate ventilation, light and water shall be provided for comfortable accommodation with preferably large windows on two sides, sunshades to prevent direct sunlight or sleet during rain and a false ceiling too, if possible.

While it's not known how strictly these would be implemented, the rules are meant to herald a substantial change in the living standards of animals in pet shops and homes. The Union environment and forests ministry prepared these after consultation with animal activist and member of Parliament, Maneka Gandhi.
The environment and forest ministry is separately finalizing dog breeding and marketing rules to ensure healthy and well-bred dogs as pets for India.In a trade where pedigree matters and people spend thousands on procuring the right set of four legs, the new rules would make dog breeding a licensed business with strict rules and veterinary surgeons making inspections.

Breeders will have to ensure the dogs live in healthy rust and dust free environment, have adequate supply of suitable food, water and bedding material, that they are exercised and visited at suitable intervals. No bitch will produce litters in two consecutive breeding seasons and it shall not give birth to more than four litters during its lifespan or after eight years. A stud dog can only be allowed to mate after a licensed veterinarian has deemed it healthy to do so. And, the veterinarian will also have to certify that the bitch is of the right age to mate.

The breeders will have to keep health records on all adult dogs with daily observation records maintained.The dogs will also have to be tested for genetic defects such as night blindness, hip dysplasia, missing teeth and retina atrophy.Transporting animals shall also be made ultra-safe for the canines. They shall have to be accompanied with health records and a specific health certificate for making it travel. Besides, transporters will have to certify that the each dog was offered food and potable water within four hours of the beginning of the journey and a record kept of the date and time the four-legged animal was fed during the travel.Strict temperature and weather control conditions have also been prescribed for those wanting to move animals by ship road or flights.

 Source : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Now-neglecting-your-pets-can-land-you-in-soup/articleshow/5904918.cms


This is exactly what happens in other countries. Breeders are very selective of where there pups/dogs are going. They do a cross verification and even visit the prospective buyer's house. Its a reverse situation in India though. There are very genuine breeders in India, atleast to my knowledge. I will be very happy to see this selection process being followed by them atleast.
A proper guidance with an overview of responsibilities should be given by the breeders to the buyers before selling the pups, irrespective whether the buyers knows or not.
I am really happy with this positive step from the Govt!

By: Neil | 11 May 2010

Dr. Pradney
I welcome the initiative by the Govt. But the current position in our country shall be assessed first. In other countries the breeder gets good price/return from the purchaser/buyer. So they can afford to do these cross verifications and other things. I m not saying that it shall not be done in India, if a breeder gets good price for the pups then he can initiate this kind of action. In our country brokers rules, they do nothing but earn much much more than breeders by just delivering the pup to buyers. Buyers also shall search for genuine breeders rather than brokers who arrange the pups for them. In this way both the breeder and buyer will be benefited and the Govt. decision in this regard will get good response and success from every corner of the country.

Dr. Pradney

By: Dr. Pradney | 11 May 2010

What about railways?!@! They should be immediately charged under the cruelty against animal..They claim to have dogboxes for transportation of dogs/live animals, but what acually they have is a living hell. Any dog/animal lover will be disgusted on seiing the conditions for the dog boxes. They are small, smelly, no ventilation, to name a few. Govt people must inspect its own dept before they come to our houses to check on our pets!!!
Can anything be done to open the eyes of railway??? Something must be done, otherwise pets will continue to suffer even if others abide by the rules set by GOvt.

By: Runni | 12 May 2010

Michelle Kumar
Its about time the government sat up and took notice about the way pets are ill treated by their owners. This is the best news ever and I just hope it is implemented seriously although I am sure it will not be well received because we are yet to adopt a mindset where we see animals as having any rights at all. Anyway, the change has to start somewhere...so kudos to our government for taking the first step in the right direction

By: Michelle Kumar | 15 Jun 2010

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