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22 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Finding ‘Lost Dog’ posters and such messages on various mediums is not uncommon and their success rate, even lesser. Dog owners can only hope and pray when they lose their companion for there is no solid means to track your dog’s whereabouts. Also, you can’t be with your dog all day and worry about them when you’re away. Luckily, those days are over thanks to a very innovative gadget, the WhistleGPS by Whistle Labs. It is a combination of an on-collar device and a companion application so you can always monitor your dog’s location and even state of health. So let’s take a look at this gadget at a glance.


Basic Features:

  • On-collar device

  • Relays your dog’s location and level of activity on an app on your phone via Global Positioning Satellites

  • Waterproof

whistle device


  • $129 plus a $5 monthly service fee


  • The device connects to ’s low power Internet of Things (loT) network. This new technology uses an ultra-narrow band network based on sub-Ghz technologies. This is very powerful when enabling small form factor devices with this kind of technology

  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and is very light

  • Claimed to have the best battery life

  • There is also a referral program which gives buyers a unique referral link. When their friends use that link to place an order they get a $20 credit. So in effect, if 5 friends place an order via the referral link, the WhistleGPS becomes free


  • Only available on pre-order in the US. It will start shipping out only in 2015

  • Due to satellite connectivity the device may give off some amount of radiation upon long term use. It would be advisable to only put it on the dog when you’re outside and/or away from them




So there you go, the WhistleGPS. Personally I think it will do well in the Indian market because people are becoming dog owners at a rapid pace in cities and also because the device is actually helpful. However, I feel the monthly subscription might deter a few prospective customers. But taking into consideration the cost benefit that comes with the sub-Ghz technology (it will be cheaper than regular cellular communication standards like 2G or 3G) WhistleGPS might become a hit in India. Will this new gadget actually be able to garner attention of the Indian customers on a large scale? We’ll just have to wait and see.



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