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05 Dec 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Before I start I would like to clearify that ‘I MYSELF AM NOT A MASTIFF BREEDER’ but yes I have done lot of research on English mastiff and have seen almost all the greatest mastiffs around the world and I do have a English mastiff from Australia.

What really made me to write this blog is because India does'nt have good mastiff breeders rather I would say Indian breeders lack the knowledge in raising an English Mastiff.  First let us understand this so called “ENGLISH MASTIFF” or just “MASTIFF”. JUST IN SORT ,MASTIFFS ARE  HEAVY , VERY HEAVY , HEAVYEST DOG IN THE WORLD. When a full grown English Mastiffs stands .....It looks like THERE IS NO COMPETITION ,NO CAMPARISION ,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and all other breeds seems to be bowing in front of him and that is the only reason i’m madly in love with this breed. Now let us understand the mistakes breeders make in raising them.

Source: dogwallpapers.net



As i told before, mastiffs are heavy dogs, it cannot be compared with dane or any other huge dog.A Great Dane is altogether a different breed , Mastiffs are totally different. They are much more complicated breed than danes. Their Diet would be different than that of a dane. It takes lot of care ,special diet , health issues to deal with to get your mastiff in a complete form. A mastiff grows so fast that you almost can see them growing.



Now that is the bigest crap i heard for mastiffs. NO, NO, NO.... Mastiff takes full 4 long yrs to grow and to come in a complete form.  You can see a good grown mastiff at the age of 3 yrs...but they still grow till 4 yrs. Infact it has been observed that mastiffs keeps on putting weight for their entire life. That is the reason it’s so hard to raise them. A Mastiff only takes body length and height till the age of 2 yrs.....after 2yrs they start to fill out. They are just considered puppy till the age of 2 yrs. Most breeders feed good quality food till the age of 1.5 to 2 yrs considering that it is their complete growth. Maybe after that they don’t feed them good quality food and that is the main reason the mastiffs don’t take the complete form as we see abroad.And then i hear this reason of “you know Indian climate is not made for mastiffs, so they don’t grow as they do in UK or other countries”.The problem is Indian breeders want fast result..which is not possible in English Mastiff. It takes lot of patience and time raising a Mastiff.I have seen mastiffs of 4 yrs taking weight of just 70-75kg. I think its a insult to this great breed.  A Mastiff should come atleast close to 100kg at 4 yrs.



NO, NEVER. Never do that....you will only end up with a mastiff with all sorts of problems. Mastiff only requires good quality food. Do not give extra calcium or proteins/vitamins.   It is just like a slow poison acting for your mastiff. The reason is Mastiff grows at such a astonishing rate ... that extra  supplements can  damage the organs. Extra calcium can damage the kidneys and the mastiff will have kidney stone. Extra calcium is also responsible for naturally dislocating the bone joints.Extra Protien/vitamin can easily damage the lungs.The thing is you will never realise it. Till the age of 2 yrs things will be fine. After that your mastiff will start getting the problems and the Fact is “the days are over for your mastiff”. As i told before breeders want fast result..they want that their mastiff should grow fast. NOT POSSIBLE IN MASTIFFS.



No, Mastiff does not require a good exercise. A small walk thrice a day will keep your mastiff happy and healty. Do not make your mastiff run like a Alsatian or Lab. Yes, a mastiff should have good stamina so that it can perform well in dog show. But over exercise/running can almost kill.



Beware for this. Mastiff should never ever get fat.  As i told before mastiffs takes 4 yrs to grow. Let the mastiff grow at his pace.Do not try and feed him more and get him fat...you will only ask for problems in the future. I have seen mastiffs taking weight of 90kg at just 18 months. This is very dangerous for your mastiff. A overweight mastiff will have short life. Mastiffs should take weight slowly.give him atleast 3 yrs to take the weight.  Always check the last rib of the mastiff. You should able to see it or feel it while he is standing.If not which means he is fat and then you need to get off some kgs out of him. This thing does not matter when he is full grown.



Although this is altogether a different topic. I really don’t understand one thing “ why to give cooked food or meat “ Although it may sound bad and most of the vets in india don’t suggest to give raw meat, Believe me or not....Raw Meat is just like “amrit” for your dog/Mastiff. Do a great looking lion or tiger have cooked meat ?. Who cooks the meat for them In the jungle?.Still how do they look so Great?.  The thing is dogs are carnivorus and their digestive system is not at all made to have cooked stuff.  They are made to have food raw. The only thing to take care of is the meat should be clean and fresh...there are chances of many bacterial problem if given bad meat.  At the other hand dogs saliva contains anti-bacterial stuff which helps them to kill all the bacteria in the meat. Meat has to be given mixed with other veggies so that it will be a complete diet for your mastiff.


Anil @ DoggiesDude
thanks Ajay for startig this thread. its wonderful to exchange viewso OEMs.I would request Dr Sagwan and Verma to also club in their views.

what i understand (maybe wrong), difference occurs when people vary follow breed standards APARTfrom the original one.

Ans to Mistake 1.
Well i have not heard people comparing an OEM to a Dane.Such silly things happens only with puppy millers ad brokers.

Ans to Mistake 2.
2 years is said for a mastiff to be ready to start breeding.Earlier females were said to be correct to be bred at the 4th heat cycle,lastt year only OEMs society made it ok for the 3rd heat if healthy else 4th heat.
Yes climate SURELY works on human or canines. Take a look at Geographical positions and compare the growth.Say ppl from Punjab are heavily build, the you slide down towards UP,Bihar, Assam, the body structure changes. Well all eat the same grains but evironment also plays a great role. I am sure this was the question you have raised for me on the discussion we had couple of weeks ago.

Ans to 3. supplement depends upon the nature of diet you give. kibbles or raw.

Ans to 4.Mastiff requires excersie.The scope of the time and type of excersie one gives differs and hence a broad term no excersie needed does not carries weight. mine play, run swim a lot each day.there are OEMs doing SAR and Agility test if you google more.

Ans to 5. True also depends upon how the dog is excerised not just made a couch potato.

ans to 6.turning to RAW contradicts your Question 2 in some ratio. Diet ALWAYS depends upon origin and habitat of any breed.

In small these issues are mainly from puppy millers and brokers and should help future buyers to understandmore on this breed.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Dec 2009

Ajay Dabade
hey anil , r u comming to pune....we can catch up.

By: Ajay Dabade | 10 Dec 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
showing dogs internationally is a big money game if you are based in Asia. India is still novice scene for gaint breed like OEMs. So it will take time but FYI quite a few OEMs from India are already in abroad. Semen querries and pups are being talked about to be exported in 2010.Wait and watch for scene to change. Many Indian bred OEMs are regarded to be very good OEMs by breeders abroad including Bredwardine and Peter too.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 13 Dec 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
in nutshell its kennel blindness..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 14 Dec 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
the scene here is that most of the pedigree are FAKE. (irrespestive of breed). many got so said champs imported who had never produced abroad. but you call it god miracle, each and every non-producing dogs abroad produced about 300-400 pups in a year.,,,lol.... Whereas in fact some other dog was used and pedigree of the imported was used.
Now coming on OEMs.when i came in Mastiffs, many judges said your mastiff has bite issue. Reason given that OEMs should have undershot bite.. it made me laughed and i showed the breed standard to quite few.
There are few thousand OEMs in India and i can say for sure that 90% plus have fake pedigree. B;lore one breeder had mated a dane with a female mastiff and sold pups as OEMs. So what i feel that you have exchanged views with millers and brokers as per OEMs. Hence this feeling about OEM quality. Europe etc its just 4-6 hr drive to any country and hence ppl can show all over Europe. Here i am sure you will NEVER be able to show in all good places in a season due to distance factor. Flight will not be comfo for an OEM to move. Many factor plays role in showing the dog too.
MrVidya is regarded as a man with golden hands. He has a magic in himself when in ring and no one can compare his showing talents according to me.
i have an ocean of show issues which you had raised earlier and unwinding those knotts will be in bitter taste. It will bring shame to OEM lovers.
I am very much happy that now We have some good gene pool available which will be great in future breeding.
Also since this blog has deviated from the main topic, hence we should close this thread.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 14 Dec 2009

Dr Saurabh
exactly my views,this has gone too far .do not involve personal issues in a public blog,write personal e mails ..share somethg informative and encouraging for new ppls coming in to have some faith in the system.

By: Dr Saurabh | 15 Dec 2009

Ajay Dabade
well , i never deviated the topic...u know better who did that. i wrote this blog with the mind that people will get to know better and what ever i wrote is what i saw and experienced. As far as showing my mastiff , i will show him to entire north next year. till then i will just work on him and try and get him to that international standard. let see how it works. well anil , i do have a plan of importing a new line from canada so i might get my 2 mastiffs next year.NOW LET US JUST CLOSE THIS THREAD. BUT SOON I WILL COME WITH A NEW THREAD ON OEMs. I REALLY WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HATE THAT.

By: Ajay Dabade | 15 Dec 2009

After talking to multiple OEMs breeders DogSpot believe, that this thread is going no where and we are bring it to closure. No further comments will be published

By: Admin | 15 Dec 2009

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