''One Day While Figuring Out Life, I Got drunk & Promised Our 12 Year Old Labrador a Road Trip to Leh-Ladakh''

25 Aug 2017 | by Surbhi Chauhan | Posted in: Travel

While we all love hitting the road with family, friends, or a significant other for a road trip, there are times when we have to admit that the best possible travel companions may happen to have four legs and fur. Watching a dog enjoy a car ride is a true delight. His head is up, the wind is blowing through his fur, and seeing that unmistakable look of pure happiness on his face. You can’t help but smile, because you know that feeling of unadulterated bliss. And as they say, '' One of the pure joys is to let your dog show you the world'' . So here's  what happened when Vipul Agrahari who runs a home based pet boarding named Happy Pettings decided to go road tripping to Leh- Ladakh with his beautiful Labradors

'' Guggu was a gift to Happy because he had stayed as a bachelor with me for 5 years before getting married to Dhanashree. I promised him that the day I get married, I would also get him a female companion. So one evening when I had nothing else to do in my life, I got drunk and promised our eldest 12 year old Labrador Retriever Happy that we will go to Leh Ladakh with Guggu and Breezer.

Time flew in the blink of an eye and years passed.

We lost our beloved 6 year old Labrador Breezer and Happy went down  with severe problems and multiple hospitalizations. Time was passing and finally the inner voice called, that we can do it if we want to do it. We realized that there is no nirvana stage that will come & god will not get down on my sofa and say that yes the time will come and this, the realization came from within.


So we packed our bags, got the car tuned and services booked. Our first stay was at Udaipur which is enroute for Goa. Excuse me? Goa? Yes, You read it right, as per the plan we had created and along with our friends we roped in for this Road trip, it was Goa (1800+kms)


We were supposed to leave by 04:00 AM from our place for Goa and by the time we had crossed around 30 kms, it all changed, I wonder why I looked at Happy and what all he wanted to say. Maybe he liked the idea of hills than the b-itches?. But everything changed in one glance, our routes, hotels, road maps. We instead started driving to Leh Ladakh... A DREAM DRIVE!

Leh/Ladakh is like happiness, it's not a destination, its a journey which one would find to be the most amusing and adventurous once they start the ignition of the vehicle. Stress of driving is nothing when the first glimpse of Pangong Lake you get from 100s of kms away.

We started our trip with our 2 adorable Labrador Retrievers as life partners Happy & Guggu but missed Breezer who was the most adventourous, by the way. Happy has already scored many achievements like this before, be it 26kms of River Rafting in Rishikesh or from the Dog Shows earlier . On the other hand Guggu being the laziest but with her killer looks, she enjoyed the most. At -2 degrees as the first ever in her life, we found her jumping, running, enjoying the most of life. What even made things easier for us was the fact that our dogs had been leash free and that helped them being at ease during the entire journey.

With the tips and tricks shared by Dr. Jasjeet Josan Neelam Singh Josan (without whom it would have not been possible), we easily managed to have them at the best of their age and condition. Being a hen mom, without a doubt my wife carried oxygen cylinders, sweaters, blankets and at least a kilo of medicines but gladly, our doggies were stronger than we though of them needing it.

Our first day - was a bit tiring of course, living and driving in plains and within a day we did almost 800+kms with few/minor stops (good for the driver but not advisable with dogs) , which lead to a dead tiring situation for Happy. We managed to get a night stay (after bribing the hotel staff) on a condition that early morning we would check out as the owner had no clue about us  staying with dogs.  But as the need of the hour suggested Happy's tried look, we gave in to the best we could do then.

After some hours of rest, we could see relief in his eyes, with fingers crossed we started early morning again Via Srinagar to Leh, beauty of India is beyond words. For once in a lifetime, one must visit this beautiful and prefer via road to enjoy the real charm.

4000+ Kms with 2 adorable Labradors as our Life Partners. Started from Gurgaon and enough breaks, homeworks, preparations, We finally DID it.

Exclusive and Epic places were covered from the Changla to Pangong Lake (3Idiots point), from Magnetic Hill to Nubra Valley, from Khardungla till Leh/Ladakh, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir. I am glad to keep up with the promise I made to them years ago. Happy and Proud, we did it together.

In short, traveling with pets is the best of two worlds. You get the companionship, fun, and bonding experience of traveling with a loved one, with much of the freedom that comes with traveling alone. So the next time you want to hit the road and you need a travel buddy, be sure to bring your pooch along!

Reach out to Vipul Agrahari to know more about his road trip. A few tips and tricks is better to know before you head on for journey that long ;)

His venture Happy Petting’s is a home based boarding service (i.e. Crèche), which ensures that you and your pet, gets complete peace of mind.

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