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Dog Nutritional food for a balanced life

India is an emerging market when it comes to pets keeping. There has been a phenomenal increase in the pet industry in the past year. Pets have become companions of the nuclear families; this is one of the prime reasons that there has been more and more attention being given on the nutrition of pets. At DogSpot we understand how important and integral nutrition is for your pet. Hence nutrition and complete nutrition has always been on the forefront for our customer interactions.

Royal Canin is one brand which shares our thought; they produce quality food products for your pet ensuring better health and complete nutrition. Here is an excerpt from an one on one conversation with Thomas Bissot, Scientific Communication Manager for the East and South Region, Royal Canin. We caught with him on his recent visit to India.

Dr. Thomas Bissot Royal Canin

Q: How is India different from the other markets?

Dr T.BISSOT: India is an emerging market. It is a very interesting market when we compare it with the other markets around the world. I feel that there are a lot of dogs here but what is missing is the pet owners’ knowledge about nutritional requirements of their cats and dogs. Royal Canin is taking the initiative to educate and share their knowledge with all pet owners. Obesity is a disease and this is one of the most common ailments that I saw in dogs in India. 

Q: Obesity is a major problem in India. What can be the prime reason for this?

Dr T.BISSOT: In Asia there is a perception that big dogs are healthy dog, though you have to remember that obesity increases the chances of various health risk factors. Such as diabetes, joint problems, cardio preliminary diseases all have a root cause that is associated with obesity. People have to realize that at the end obesity is decreasing the life expectancy of your pet.

The best way to keep an animal in a good body condition is to feed the right amount of a well-balanced food; we at Royal Canin believe that the right nutrition is the stepping stone to have a healthy life. What people have to understand is that the daily food of your dog has to be rationed. Food has to be given as per their daily dietary allowance in order to meet the physiological energy requirements of dogs and cats. 

Royal Canin India Team

Q: Are there any other requirements that a pet can have from the nutritional aspect?

Dr T.BISSOT For over 40 years, Royal Canin has been committed to an approach leading to Health Nutrition with the aim of providing more precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of dogs and cats. Among those specificities, we have for example developed diets formulated to meet the needs of the bitch and her puppies during different physiological stages of their life such as gestation, birth, weaning and growth. We have specific diets to support healthy ageing of dogs and cats as well as nutritional answers precisely formulated to cope with particular sensitivities: sterilisation, tendency to gain weight, digestive disorders, elimination of hairballs, sensitive skin for specific breeds. We have a whole range of prescription diets available, these vet diets are prescription diets that will be given to your pet by a vet prescription only. They are only given to pets with specific clinical condition such as renal failure, urinary stones, diabetes, convalescence, behaviour and dermatology.

During my visits to the Indian Vet clinics, I’ve noticed many dogs suffering from dermatological problems. We have developed a large and complete dermatological range indicated for food hypersensitivity, food intolerance, atopic dermatitis and food elimination trial.

Royal Canin Nutrition Dog Food

Q: There is a growing debate between home cooked and packaged food? Which one do you recommend?

Dr T.BISSOT: In India lot of people give their pet home food.

There are many reasons suggested as to why a homemade pet diet is desired. Some owners wish to feed natural or organic foods, vegan or vegetarian foods to their pet. Many wish to cook for their pets and provide a varied diet. Others may find commercial pet food labels and ingredients confusing and want to avoid additives, preservatives, chemicals or certain ingredients found in pet foods.

The complexity with a home cooked diet is that it often hard to balance precisely the quantity of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, etc… this can lead to unbalanced food.

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