One Such Selfless Mother of our Country!

15 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Mother devotes her life for her kids and it is for everyone to agree that it is the only form of selfless love seen and observed among every living being on this planet. We rarely come across any association or bond between a mother and her selfless love not limited to humans but to the dogs and not just one or two but more than 500 dogs.

Ever thought what do we call the real life women like this who selflessly dedicate their living to save and nurture animals on the road? Such people are called one man and one woman army who have stood by their prolonged efforts and have helped countless animals on the road survive.

Sulakshmi Das Gupta is a 60 year old who is standing strong with her husband Pinaki Das Gupta for last 15 years and one cannot ignore her for a very small reason that she isn’t just a lady but a savior of over 400 dogs on the road who are living a blessed life.  Sulakshmi like any regular dog lover had pets in her house and she embraced them with all her love but within a  short span of time Sulakshmi’s love did not limit to few of her own dogs but made special effort to feed more and more and years down the lane she now feeds nearly 400 dogs.


If you visit her on any given day her daily routine with no weekend or holiday starts with cooking over 250 Kilos of rice, boiled vegetables and meat. With an early morning start with meal preparation, she along with her two- three volunteers drive all across the major localities of Delhi personally feeding over 500 strays with individual care.

These strays gets served on disposable eco-friendly plates and bowls, cleanly discarded post meals. Sulakshmi has given names to every single one of her children and is completely in tune with what is happening in their lives. She tries to find the newborn homes and begs, borrows and pleads with the vets all around the city to do X-rays, operations and post operative care for more than 50 accident victims every month. 

In last fifteen years, Sulakshmi has seen many ups and downs and many changes in society. Feeding strays are often taken in wrong sense by many residents due to reported incidents of dog attacks and uncontrollable births. With the recent growth of stray dogs in India, has inspired extreme measures from the Government (culling orders and mass killing) and has lead to rise of organisations whose goal is to eradicate stray dogs by killing them. Which in turn has consequently led to the creation of Worldwide Protest Movements to defend animal rights. It has been Sulakshmi goal to vaccinate and provide anti rabies injections to every stray so these organisations have no reasons resort to mass killings of dogs.

She is a living, breathing contradiction that epitomizes what Karma really means. Not the westernized version we hear nowadays of ‘Doing good karma and good happening in return’, but rather, the definition heard in yesteryears grandparent’s stories.

For Sulakshmi, this has become her mission. She has started Feed Strays Program, registered under the name of The Swargsaathi Charitable Trust, the name itself has a contextual reference to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Swarga (heaven) + Saathi (companion) - ‘Your companion to Heaven’.

But all this and everything did not come easy to Sulakshmi, with added responsibilities and vision to sustain her efforts of last 15 years, it’s hard to summarise the overwhelming feeling to know that with growing age and depleting wealth she has reached a point where she had to sell all her ancestral jewellery and has now reached down to a point blank yet she doesn’t plan to settle.

She wants to build a sustainable model to structure a shelter home with all the veterinary help required for the dogs. She launched her program on a newly launched crowdfunding platform to share her story among the people and raise funds so that the hardwork of last 15 years can be sustained for longer run for generatiins to understand the pure love and affection and consider it as a serious buisness. Recently, one of the India’s best online pet shopping site came forward and tied up with to share Sulakshmi’s story among all the pet lovers to come together and help her. A small contribution on this crowdfunding platform can do wonders for these living beings and Sulakshmi’s efforts.

With such selfless love and dream of doing something without expecting anything in return there is a hope for someone who will receive not only love but everything they could for the mute unconditional love they express to all with nothing in return. At the age of retiring, she finds the time and energy to tend to these animals every single day and one of the reason why Microsoft chose her among top 25 changemakers of India in October 2015.

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