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07 Nov 2011 | by arpan | Posted in: Q&A



I am a Proud owner of a brindle boxer dog. Being a keen dog lover, when i got a chance to adopt him 2 yrs back, i was preety exicited for his basic needs, Viz deworming, vaccination, suitable balance diet, home cooked meals to avoid chemical and preservatives of dog foods, and lastly minerals and vitamin need. Over a period of time, he grows into a well behaved("only in my presence") and naughty puppy. One day i went for official committment, out of town. My Pup was not that obedient during walk and started pulling and protesting her during evng walk. It was an eye opener and I started burning mid night oil to read and understand dog psycology . Proper socialisation, regular exercise and making our position as a pack leader has helped me alot.

Dog breeder and vets may be aware about such thing, but first time owners doesn't. My neighbour got a GSD who barks all athe time, pulls his walkers and bites the guest if came near to them. Some how they have learned to live with it.

Another neighbour have a Lab, docile when on walk but very tensed when he saw any dog from his balcony.. Out of exictment he barks all the time let it be late night. They have also accepeted it as apart of their life.

Friends , as aresponsible owner must look into social needs of our dog, and must take timely corrective action for their re-hab. Exessive abrking if checked, can be eliminated. If your dog consider you as boss, (for example, while giving food he should be calm and waiting for you, for stepping out from home you must step first and dog must follow , if he pulls ask him to sit and dont move until he comes into calm and assertive state.)

What they need is traetment like a dog, apack animal, regular exercise to burn his energy (45 min walk or 20 min cycle Jog) and discpline at home whenever you interact with them. A dog begging from you when U r having food and coming to your bed should not be accepted, its not your affection for him but, he is not considering you as pack leader.

Such corrective actions will make your life more comfortable and you can allow them to meet your neighbous,guests proudly and will definately help you to get embarrsed.


hey arpan if u really intrested in my boxer pup u can leave ur contact no which make help me in contact with you .

By: shub | 07 Dec 2012

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