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Pamper Your Pooch With A Gourmet Dining Experience In Europe [News]

19 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The emotional concept of treating your dog as a human baby has been evolving over the years. Where, centuries ago dogs were used for their original breed purposes like hunting, guarding, pulling carriages; nowadays those same breeds will be bought only for their looks.

Add to that, their owners have been associating everything with human emotions. Many a times, I hear the owners saying, ‘He’s jealous of the other dog’  or, ‘Look at him he’s guilty he peed over there’. If this wasn’t enough already, the pooches are being spoiled so much that their owners find them to be picky eaters. A cloud of panic and anxiety overwhelms their day if their dog did not eat that gourmet beef burger specially prepared for him.

To cater to such owners and their pooches, a gourmet restaurant concept has just emerged in Czech Republic. By the of ‘Pestaurace’, meaning Dog (Pes) Restaurant (Restaurace); this restaurant offers four varieties of meat namely, chicken, salmon, lamb and rabbit with a luxury recipe cooked to perfectly suit the canine palat.

Gourmet restaurant Source:https://www.svetpejsku.cz


With the increasing number of doggie dining ventures like our very own Doggie Dabbas in India, this concept is catching on for the less informed pet owners who wish the best for the dog’s health but with limited knowledge.

Pestaurace is a good concept for treating your dog out to special occasions like birthdays or first litter etc. But it is not necessarily an alternative for a wholesome healthy meal that most premium commercial kibble brands have to offer.

Do we need something similar in India? Or will we be better off with a hybrid concept where there is separate menus for humans and dogs? There have been growing concerns of Indian dog owners with limited access to public places along with their pets. Let’s wait and see the way forward.

Please share your views about the new horizons in the pet industry.

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