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Guess what the Chinese have come up with now? No, they didn’t mate a panda with a dog, instead dyed Chow Chow dogs to look like pandas! Sounds bizarre? Well, it’s true; dyed Panda dogs are the latest obsession in China.

The Chow (literally meaning puffy lion-dog) is one of the oldest breeds known to man. They possess a very dense double coat that makes them resemble pandas when dyed. Their transformation into the panda dog follows three steps: grooming, hair clipping and then dyeing into the black and white panda colours for the final touch.


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While these adorable looking dogs are selling like hotcakes, it’s only the rich who can afford them for now. The reason- since the dye is not permanent it requires repeated touch-ups every six months to maintain their panda looks. And all this grooming comes at a cost, but that is probably off-set by all the attention the dog grabs!

Panda-dog groomers claim that the dye is absolutely organic and every dog undergoes a patch test before it is applied to their fur. However there have been mixed reactions to this new breed on social media. Some term it ‘adorable’, while others label it as ‘animal cruelty’. Infact an online petition was launched in Singapore to protest against a certain Ms. Meng who owns three such pooches and even runs a Facebook page for them.


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The world is certainly brimming with bizarre stuff! What is your take on this new ‘invention’? Would you like to own a panda dog? Do share your opinions in the comments section below.

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