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Pet Boarding - A Home Away from Home

14 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Boarding

pet hostel

Every day pet parents all over the world face a common question – where to board their beloved furry babies when things such as travel, work, daily chores, and illness or family commitments loom large. Though there are a few resorts and hotels in India that allow pets as guests, most have restrictions. While some pet parents will try to take their pets with them, it is not always possible to travel with pets. One of the ways to resolve the problem is by requesting a friendly pet loving neighbor to care for your pet while you are away, but truth be told - it is not a long term solution.

Luckily for pet parents, there are wonderful, loving, caring people who have introduced the concept of pet hostels where pet parents can leave their furry kids in safe hands and look after the matters that require their immediate attention. Pet hostels have been specially designed to provide comfort to your pets – to provide a home away from home.

What is a pet boarding?

Pet hostel is a boarding facility offered either by a local veterinarian or a resident, preferably a pet lover that allows pet parents to drop off their furry kids for a specific amount of time in exchange for a boarding or hostel fee. 
Most dog hostels will offer an enclosed play area, regular food and water care and basic health care, while luxurious ones will have additional facilities such as pet supply shops, behavioral training and grooming or pet spa.

How to finalize & evaluate a pet boarding?
When finalizing on a pet hostel, it is important to keep a few things in mind. It is absolutely imperative that the pet hostel owner is as compassionate about pets as you are. Another important point is the cooperative nature of the pet hostel owner and their understanding or knowledge of pet care.

When finalizing on a pet hostel, it is always good to call them and fix an appointment. Visit them and see how the place is, how the boarding quarters are and how are living conditions of other pets.

What to expect from pet boarding?
As mentioned earlier, a pet hostel is a home away from home and just like a home, there are some basic things that you as a pet parent should be careful about. 

  • Pet hostels should provide the freedom to pets to move around and play and should not be confined to cages or crates or tied up on a leash.
  • A pet hostel should look and smell clean and be free of dirt, dust, odor and parasite (tick / flies / fleas) infestation. There should be no fecal accumulation or urine odor and stains. Clean pet hostels are extremely important for the health of pets.
  • A lot of pets are extremely curious and make great escape artists. For this reason, a pet hostel should be secure and safe for the pets. If there is an open yard in the pet hostel, there should be a tall and secure fence that cannot be jumped off or dug under. The gates should be secure and away from the main hostel.
  • Pet hostels should be safe for the pets in every way. All electrical points should be covered with puppy proof covers. The floor should provide enough traction while walking or playing. All disinfectants and cleaning chemicals should be stored away under lock and key. The sleeping quarters should be safe and secure. All exercise areas should be protected and free from any obstacles that may injure the pets.
  • Pet hostel owners should be well informed and have a good understanding of pet care. They should be able to identify and recognize signs and symptoms of illness and distress. They should also be able to resolve such health issues as lethargy, stomach discomfort, urinary problems, loss of appetite, cough, cold and even watery eyes or nose. If your pet has a special medical requirement such as administering of specific medications, the pet hostel owners should be able to administer or connect with a veterinarian in case of any side effects.
  • Basic amenities – A good pet hostel should also make provisions for the following:
    • Availability of clean and fresh drinking water
    • Availability of freshly prepared meals at regular intervals. If your pet is on a special dietary plan, do let the pet hostel owner know.
    • An empanelment with an experienced veterinarian in case of any medical emergency
    • The pet hostel owners should only allow admission of pets who have complete immunization against main diseases such as rabies, distemper, hepatitis, para – influenza, bordetella and kennel cough.
    • The hostel should provide protection from wind, rain and sunlight.
    • There should be a provision for temperature control. Elder pets would require warm climate in their accommodation. 
    • There should be provision for natural light and ample amount of ventilation
    • Sleeping quarters should be well ventilated and comfortable for the pets.
    • There should be ample amount of space to run and play and have fun.
    • If the pets get dirty, the pet hostel owners should be able to complete basic grooming, bathing and cleaning.

Pet boarding should make your pets comfortable while giving them opportunities to play and socialize with other dogs. The hostel should be a safe haven for the pets and keep them busy while you are away.

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