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Pet Demand

Pet Demand

Pet Demand is a magazine that focuses on the pet care industry. It tells us all we need to know about the pet industry. The idea of the magazine is to empower the pet parent and facilitate in the breeding process for both first time owners as well as professional breeders.

The magazine has been launched recently and has got tremendous response from people. This is a magazine for every pet lover and is bi monthly giving readers six issues of information on pets, the new products in the market and other engrossing and related content.

Pet Demand also has a virtual community, which assists pet owners with various pet related issues and assists people to get appropriate answers as well to resolve issues for pet keeping.  It provides a common platform where pet experts and insiders come together to share knowledge and provide loving care to pet owners. 

The magazine also promotes awareness towards strays and abandoned dogs and cats and provides them assistance. The aim is to help the readers in various aspects of pet keepings, which is not only for cat and dog owners. There are write ups for various other pets such as birds, fish and small animals also included in both the hard as well as the soft copy of the magazine.

If you want you can now read Pet Demand on Magzter.com and it is available on newsstands as well. The Pet Demand Magazine is premium quality and is aimed to promote ownership and responsibility for publication.

The magazine was launched in 2012 and the publication claims that there is an increase in the pet subscribers and readers with each passing date. The Pet care industry, the company estimates is showing a double digit increase in the term of volume and terms.

Pet Demand has a wide presence within the country and is available in over 72 countries across the globe in a digital format. The magazine aims to help pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, pet shops and retailers, dog show authorities and websites along with many others.

The Pet Demand website is an integrated website that aims to help all pet owners with local information that will ensure that the pet and the owner both are benefitted. The magazine also communicates with the user base with help of emails that is personalized. This is mostly in the form of newsletters and e-reminders.

Along with this Pet Demand sends direct targeted mails through regular communication with pet owners and urge them to visit the veterinarian on a regular basis and if required even provide them with personal recommendation.

Pet Demand has a presence on the social media as well; they utilize networks such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate to pet owners on a regular basis and ensure that the magazine reaches to every nook and corner of the country.

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