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Pet is equal to Proxy Child

19 Oct 2012 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

It is not uncommon, nowadays, for young married couples to have dogs or cats.Pets destress the young, overworked couple, and render a ‘family vibe’ to the home. Also, they somewhat brace the latter for parenthood. That is not to say, that pets are in any way replacing children altogether in Indian homes,as many do in the West. Here, having children is still vital. However, the current trend amongst pet-loving couples in India is to adopt pets till they are ready for children. They treat the pet like their child, lavishing it with love and affection.In some ways, the pet becomes a proxy child for the couple until the actual child arrives. “My pet is like a child in the house and I communicate with her the way I would with my own child,” affirms Divya Sood from Delhi, who works at Sapient Corporations. In Divya’s case, their dog Kiki was already her husband’s pet; she was the one that joined their 2-member family.

Source: eltesorodelajumentud.com

Many keep pets to derive a ‘family connect’ in unfamiliar cities, where they don’t have relatives or many friends. As the saying goes, ‘the more the merrier’.“As we both hail from smaller towns,our emotional need to socialise in a fast paced city like Mumbai is satisfied to a great extent due to our two dogs,” says Dr Sheetal Amte, 30, Sheetal and her spouse, Gautam have been married for 3.5 years and live with their 2 dogs—Bhubhu, a Cocker Spaniel, and Nano, a Labrador Retriever. They do not have children yet but plan to, eventually.“My husband and I live with our four Cocker Spaniels.One of the reasons we decided to adopt pets was to sort of prepare ourselves for the several responsibilities that lie ahead for us as prospective parents. Of course, we realise that children require far more attention and care, but pets give you patience and acquaint you with the notion of caring for someone other than yourself, as they’re completely dependant on you for their welfare,” says Melissa D’Souza Pillai from Mumbai, a businesswoman.


its good 2 know dat many people who r pet lovers take care of the pets as their own family member...but merely adopting a pet 2 substitute ur needs is annoying..der r many human children , newly born who r dumped in the trashes...or left in orphanages...dey 2 need lots of attention nd helping hands...

By: Sajjad | 19 Oct 2012

chandan kumar singh
For the sorrowing act of human children being dumped in trashes,there are lots of social issues in concerned to it. we should never forget our moral duties.

By: chandan kumar singh | 26 Oct 2012

yes sir..u hv stated correctly its our moral duties..jst wish dat people do take care of der pets 2..at least dey come 2 know how social animals r..

By: Sajjad | 28 Oct 2012

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