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Pet Euthanasia

23 Oct 2012 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

 When do you know it’s Time?
Sometimes, ending your pet’s life is the kinder alternative.

What the heck is Euthanasia? It literally means ‘gentle death’.Other phrases that describe it include: ‘put to sleep’; ‘put down’; ‘put out of its misery’; or, less kindly, ‘destroy’.Veterinary staff may use the term‘humane destruction’, which is simply a technical term for putting an animal to sleep.

The decision to end a life is never easy,more so, if the life belongs to your beloved pet. It is an extremely personal,loving decision to euthanize a pet, yet it is a desperate measure taken to put an end to a loved one’s agony. It takes immense courage to assume this last duty as a pet parent. The bond between dog and owner is a very special one. It is easy to become emotionally caught up in keeping your dog alive when you know that there is no hope of him ever regaining his health.

Source: animalblawg.wordpress.com

Remember, you must consider things from your pet’s point of view—he’s the one that is suffering. Your vet is an invaluable source of advice when you feel the time for euthanasia may be approaching. He or she cannot make the decision for you, but he can help you to decide if it is time to let go.

Knowing When it’s Time

If you are struggling with the decision of letting your pet live or putting an end to his miseries, ask yourself the following:
• Is my pet deriving any enjoyment at all from his day-to-day life, or is his daily existence simply something to be drudged through?
• Do my pet’s ‘good days’ still outnumber the ‘bad days’, or are the ‘good days’rare or nonexistent?
• Is my pet in incurable pain or continual discomfort, which has not and cannot be alleviated by drugs?
• Is treatment of his condition no longer possible?
• Has my pet stopped eating and drinking altogether?
• Has my dog had a puppy with an inoperable deformity, which will make life a burden for the latter?

If one or more of the above factors holds true for the condition your pet is in, you may want to contemplate easing his pain. However, take your time, observe your pet, talk to your vet, and tend to your pet’s needs. Only you can make the decision of whether your pet needs to be relieved or not.

When death is a gift


donno whtz in d mind of a pet lover...but i wuld nt allow my heart or brain 2 take such a step 4r my pet 2 (if i have)...its not easy but it shld not b d only solution...

By: Sajjad | 23 Oct 2012

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