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Pet Sitting - A Cure For Separation Anxiety?

24 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

pet Sitting


In our endeavour to shower piles of attention towards our beloved pets, we sometimes condition ourselves and thence our dogs towards not being able to function properly without each other around. There are many such cases where an owner falls into the spiral of caring for their puppies so much that they forget to let them be dogs.

In the wild, dogs will hunt in packs but will also wander off on their own from time to time without being anxious of rejoining their pack shortly. Quite the contrary, we might notice to be the case in urban dog packs. The owner and the dog do not trust each other one bit while leaving each other alone at home. A common city problem is dogs suffering from separation anxiety due to this habit. This is essentially a form of dysfunctional panic in their dogs when their owners are away. The signs are quite obvious and highly common too.

Having left your dog for a few hours alone, you might come back to find him having completely turned your meticulously organized home into a jungle. Fearfully peed on your expensive carpet while ripping apart all possible forms of paper she could find, your puppy’s claw marks will have written a whole frantic story across your house. Many distressed owners shape their lives in various ways to avoid such scenarios. Some pet owners reduce their outings to bare minimal to be able to monitor their pet.

Another option is Hiring a Pet-Sitting Service. In Essence, pet-sitting is paying an individual to care for your pet when you would wish to leave the house for a few hours or longer. This should not be mistaken for dog boarding as a pet-sitter will accompany your dog in your own house instead of a commercial facility which might be more expensive at times.

Although this form of service has not caught on as effectively as dog boarding due to the lower cost of domestic labour many pet owners can afford to hire these days, pet-sitters are quite popular in the Western world with extremely busy lifestyles.

A framework of ethics has not yet been established in the animal profession industry in our country yet. However, it is essential for people considering this should definitely embark on a thorough background check as well as positive references from any other clients or acquaintances to ensure liability protection. Also, a form of insurance bond should be agreed upon between both parties for theft protection and effective deliverance.

For a potential pet-sitters, some basic fundamentals are essential to consider before deciding this choice of profession. Knowing about the clients pet including breed, feeding, exercise and other requirements is a must. Goes without saying, its best to be a dog lover and hopefully not scared of dogs.

Being in constant touch with your client when they are away is recommended as it provides a sense of relief and builds a sense of trust towards the pet-sitter. Do not shy away from calling them in emergencies like dogfights or other medical situations. Giving the utmost amount of attention towards your clients pet is the best way to be successful rather than treating them as objects of profit or ignoring them while on duty.

We surely have a long way to go for such a culture to become popular. But with the urbanization of cities on a rapid basis, the demand for such part-time services is ever increasing. Many young dog lovers looking for pocket-money during their free hours can benefit from the said arrangement.

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