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20 Jul 2010 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Browsing a Newspaper in the morning and besides reading the headlines, reading those tiny news articles is an addiction I have developed over the years.  Needless to say, my attention gets drawn to these tiny articles every day. On one such day, I set my eyes on a news article that appeared quite cliché.  It talked about freshly cooked meals being delivered at home. Now, there is nothing new about this in metropolitan cities, right?  I mean all of us work and lead very hectic lives, leaving us completely exhausted and drained at the end of the day.  Naturally, Many of us have taken help from such Dabbawalas to provide us a square meal at the last moment.   I, myself, have, on several occasions, resorted to these dabbas and therefore, as I, just about, overlooked this article, I noticed the word “Pets” there.  Now anything that says “Pets” gets my attention right away!  Saee and Jui’s unconditional love entices me to read, in the least, such articles, brochures and write-ups.  As I read the news item further, I realized that it was about Dabbas (Meals) for pets being delivered at one’s doorstep.  Now, I was shocked!  I mean I have heard of packed meals being delivered at one’s doorstep and of course, for humans but here the article was talking about the same thing, but for Pets.  I knew I had to check this out.


A website address ( led me to read through the offering. While the intent impressed me, I was wary of how this was going to work. I mean, on many occasions, Dabbas for Humans come in such tardy, ugly packing so having the same thing for our canine friends would be a different ball game altogether.  Well, I looked at the website and felt that it was informative but slightly amateurish in its presentation.  I decided to call on the number to understand the concept, the modus operandi.  I spoke to Shubha K who owns and runs this endeavor.  She gave me information and assured me that the food would be nutritious and sufficient in quantity, above all, freshly cooked.  Frankly, at that point in time, I took it with a pinch of salt. She said that she customizes the meals based on one’s requirements.  I asked some more questions because I was not sure if one could do so much for delivering a meal.  I was also curious to know the cost of such a premium service.  She said that a regular typical veg meal would cost approximately Rs. 1850 on a monthly plan.  That did not sound bad at all!  She also emphasized that the costing would change depending on our requirement, type of meal, dog breed, etc.  That seemed reasonable as well.  I asked her about how I could go about exploring this further. I told her upfront that I was going to try this for a week and then take further decision.


I was impressed with Shubha’s process for this.  She sent me a registration form to fill in through email and said that once she receives the form, she would customize a plan and send it across with the costing.  Soon, a registration form was in my inbox. It was a detailed form which asked for Breed, Age, Likes, Dislikes, Allergies, Issues, Dandruff, Pattern of Feeding, Time, Portions, and many other details.  I was shocked to notice that Shubha wanted to know so many details about my Girls.  The next day I got a detailed plan for a week. I chose the Non-Veg Premium Plan which had non-vegetarian food on alternate days for both Saee and Jui.  It seemed perfectly balanced with Nutrients, Fiber, etc.  The cost was alright as well.


When I okayed the Meal Plan, I asked her about mode of payment and she said that she had three options. She also indicated that I would have to transfer money to her account on line and no money transactions would be done through the delivery boys, etc. She also instructed me not to give any “Tip” to the delivery boys.  She also said that I could transfer money the next day.  Since Saee and Jui are used to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, I asked her to split the portions in three packets for each of them. I was anxious because I was not sure how the food would be delivered.  My Girls don’t like food that is soggy.


The next morning, at 715 am, the doorbell rang.  The food was delivered and boy! was I surprised!  The food had come in a neat bag.  We had to return the bag to the delivery boy.  There were six packets for the day.  2 packets of Breakfast, 2 packets of Lunch and 2 packets of Dinner!  She had asked me to refrigerate the food packets.  Each packet was neatly packed in a silver foil bag and sealed.  It had a sticker which had the name of our pet, the type of food and of course, it had the name of the dish as well.  It looked appetizing for sure!  All we had to do was to cut the bag open and put it in Saee and Jui’s respective bowls and it was ready to be served.  I chose to heat up the food a little bit because the Girls are used to it.


Our girls, Saee and Jui were jumping with joy!  The smell of Chicken did the entire trick for them!  They have been enjoying this food for the past few days.  At the cost of sounding like a broken record, I must say, I am impressed with the presentation, the quality of food, the way it it is delivered and moreover the approach Shubha has taken to make this service available for Bangaloreans.  Folks!  If you have a pet at home and you care for them as much as you care for yourself, this is worth trying.  Please do try it and then make a choice for yourself!


Shubha is prompt.  She would be in touch with you to ensure that you are satisfied and moreover, she means well for your pets.  It is visible in the way food packets come home every day.  I want to take a moment and congratulate Shubha on this unique endeavor.  I know that such endeavors take efforts, time and money but above all, you have to genuinely love and care for your Pets to be able to see such endeavors to fruition.  Keep it up Shubha!  Keep the momentum.  Sustaining service levels would be really a key success factor in your endeavor.


All of you, who intend to explore this a bit more, here are the details.



Contact: +91-9538213716/17

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