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Pets-why should they Suffer?

23 Oct 2008 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Since getting my own dog last year, I have become increasingly sensitive to the plight of animals. I always was, but now I feel even more aggravated.
One of my neighbours here, has a 3 yr old poodle. Pure bred.
every time I have seen him ,and its been atleast 4 times till now, he has mentioned atleast twice to me, that he paid a 1000 bucks for him. Bought him from a breeder, for his daughter, additional pet insurance etc...ANd then his daughter decided she really didnt want a dog. So now he has to take care of it. He and his wife divorced,and the daughter livs with his ex-wife.
Its getting colder at nights, there is a breeze that accentuates the chillness in the air. And on top of that, this guy, leaves his poodle out in the balcony, in the cold evening air. That dog whines everytime it sees some one go past his house. I walked my dog at 5:30 p.m.this evening, he was out in the balcony, and again at 8:30 p.m., the dog is out still.
I mean , what did the poor dog do to deserve this? This guy bought it for his daughter, like a mechanical toy,and the daughter decides she doesnt want the toy, so he has to keep it now. He pays a 1000 bucks for this poor dog, and leaves it out in the cold to shiver, till His Royal Highness decides its time for him to come in. This man decides to pamper his 10yr old's wishes, and now 3 yrs later, laments that she doesnt even enquire about the dog.
Aur bhugto. listen to a immature 10 yr old, then pay for it.
I am sure the dog would not have wanted this , if he had a voice.
He is such a friendly little guy.


Saugat Sanyal
Yes its a sad but true reality. In Delhi I have seen many a pet owner treating the poor things in a cruel way, kicking them, tying them to a place for hours together, not taking them out for walk and many times abandoning them. These people actually are nothing but human garbage. They forget their kids could do the same to them when they become old. I really whish that these poeple rot in hell forever.
But the problem is with the law of the land. The animal right laws are toothless and many times even cops over look them. I used to feed a abandoned spitz in Dwarka, my neighbours had me reported to cops for public nuisence. People are so insensitive that taking my dogs out at times becomes a problem.
We need adequate laws to protect these innocent lives.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 23 Oct 2008

im yet to see a city worse than delhi when it comes to shabbily treatin their pets..and i believ we can do a lot abt it.
all it needs is to go tell the owner how they can make their pets better and healthier and most of them understand.
u can do a lot abt those who dont understand...just trace the organization that handles these issues in ur city and call them.
u can even volunteer for them in ur spare time.

By: phaedrus | 26 Oct 2008

i want to adopt that poodle, if you could ask the owner to give him to me....please respond on ankurbbhatt at yahoo.com or on 09374006608.

By: ankurbbhatt | 14 Dec 2008

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