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Photographs Of A Dog's Beautiful Journey Through Pregnancy, 6 New Puppies Born!

27 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

If someone gives the good news of pregnancy, we jump with joy! We can't stop discussing the name for the baby. And we surely can't control our urge to buy the cutest little clothes and socks for the kid. The baby gets thousand of pictures clicked on her birthday itself! 

Now imagine all the same excitement for a pregnant dog! Shreya Shetty, has truly opened our eyes to a whole new world. A world full of beautiful moments of a dog's pregnancy. She showed her immense love through wonderful photographs of the entire journey, till 6 new puppies came into this world!



When we saw these photographs, we knew there was nothing more adorable and magical in this world. The last few pictures are our favorite!

Lets begin from the start:



'This is the story of our baby who transformed from a notorious little pooch to the Queen that she is...
From a baby, to a Mother and back to being our baby.
This ones for Iris.'




All of that slow walking and jumping around would get her tired real soon.
This would be the time for us to sit around and watch the tiny bobbleheads jump around in her womb. 
It really is a magical sight.




The day the water broke.

She was surrounded by people who love her and would take care of her and she loved that. As soon as her pains started, we sat by close as she would walk two steps, lean on us, take comfort in our voices and positivity and push.




She's Strength.
In times of struggle and pain, your heart leaps out for the ones you love.
Here is Iris, trying. Not giving up.
She would get really tired, lose her balance a little. Her eyes would go from half shut to all the way closed.
As I watched her, I felt all the emotions but stayed strong...



And our Little Infinities came along.
Auro and Bruno, born just a few minutes apart.
Fresh and Fluffy.
Warm and Cuddly.



It was time for Mama and babies to have their first meals.
Mama ate for the first time since the previous night (one of the few indications that she'd deliver the next day or within a few hours).
And well, that was Auro and Bruno's first ever meal time.




This photo really describes how everything happened too soon.
The babies as you can see, were already fighting it out to be the first to drink the milk.
And the second image is when Iris felt the delivery pains, yet again.




And then came along our Little Miss Sunshine!
She really is our happy pup. Look at that smile! 



A good Welcome Kiss and a Big 'Hey!' to the World!




Meeting point. So cuuuuteee!



And just like that, one day, they opened their gorgeous eyes to us.



"Lemme help you Danny boy!", Fifi.




And our lil Auro had a teenie fall! 




Don't Say I didn't warn you!
Our handsome boy #1, Auro.



Our handsome boy #2, Bruno.
He's the most peaceful when he sleeps.
Also, the most comfortable one in this basket. 
My innocent little bubu.



Our handsome boy #3, Daniel. 
He was busy chewing on that basket, good for me, he made for the best photo amongst them all!



Our handsome boy #4, Edgar. 
He didn't care. He just wanted to do his thing



Our Lil Princess #1, Cierra.



Our Lil Princess #2, Fiona.
Why this?? 
Because I love her baby tumbles and everything else about her.
She's my fifi girl.



I'm sure your heart has completely MELTED!!

You can check out more of Shreya Shetty's photography on her Facebook page here.


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