Pitbull Mother Not Letting Her Babies Out Of Sight, Bad Past Haunts

03 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Mothers love their kids more than anything else. This instinct is seen in every mother, be it a human or a dog. Dory, pregnant pitbull was in her peak time to deliver babies. However, to her unfortunate destiny, she was chained and was used for breeding in Florida. But fate had other plans for her and Dory was saved by Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue (BHBD) and aided her to give birth to eight cute pups- five boys and three girls. Her sister Destiny also fell for the same and was used for breeding. The West Coast Director of BHBD mentioned saying that “People in the area had been keeping an eye on them after Dory [was rescued] and we were alerted that Destiny had gone into the woods to have puppies on the same exact day that Dory delivered her babies.”


Image Source: thedodo


Dory was found in a very miserable state. She was there with four living and plenty of deceased pups. Finally, after a mess, the owner of Dory agreed to give in Dory to BHBD. With God’s grace, Destiny managed to survive, but her babies were covered in ticks and fleas. The dog was not only physically but also emotionally traumatised. Destiny wasn’t ready to trust humans even for a bit. She was extra protective for her babies.

1Image Source: thedodo


With such an incident happening, trusting another human becomes extremely difficult for the pooch. Destiny and Dory both keep a close eye on their pups and keep ensuring that they are safe and sound. After being a little stable, Destiny was surprised by reuniting her with her mum Dory. According to Trinity, “They were reunited and they just licked and licked each other.”


Image Source: thedodo

This was Dory and Destiny, but there are so many other dogs that go through the same horrific life. They end up being bred continuously and finally end up in a shelter in a miserable condition. Save them and adopt a dog today!

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