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Pitbull Terrier- Your kid's favorite nanny dog

13 Jun 2016 | by Pallavi Rao | Posted in: Wag News

PitBull-The journey down the ages

The Pitbull Terriers have been classically termed as iconic mascots of Native America from the days of yore. The PitBull has essentially traveled a long way from being a bull fighting dog to the caretaker nanny that your kids love to spend time with. Although, initially, It was regarded as the national pride of England and USA, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as it was originally known, had to weather hard  times, before it came to be known to as the ultimate canine gift that your kid can cherish. The Staffordshire Terrier is actually a cross between a Terrier and a bulldog that was used either as a guard dog or a bullfighter. 

There are several Terrier species that are collectively categorized as PitBull Terriers today. Going back in time, most dog owners essentially trained and employed these dogs for bullfighting and hunting purposes, blame it partially on the media, which has successfully mismanaged to paint the pit bull in an unfavorable light.  


American Pit Bull Terrier close-up




Image Courtesy: https://mentalfloss.com

Before and After

To some extent, the Terrier owners also were found to have a streak of aggression and violence in their personalities, as erstwhile studies suggested. Thousands of PitBulls were euthanized every day and a huge demand for banning these dogs was on the rise.

 Attitudes have finally begun to change with the airing of the TV series such as Pit Boss and Dog Whisperer in the USA.  An image makeover which these dogs direly needed has gradually come about, and latest opinions voiced in blogs and similar media show that these Terriers have finally arrived. The Terrier is now fast acquiring a reputation as the most loyal, intelligent and brave dog breed that can also double up as a loving nanny for your kid.
650 ready to dartImage: https://www.cbc.ca

PitBull-The new symbol of tolerance

Raising a PitBull is an experience in itself and a good number of PitBull owners vouch for the gentle, caring and loyal traits of these dogs, especially for their friendly approach to kids. The recent findings by The American Temperance Test Society touted the PitBull to be the second most tolerant dog on the list.  The Golden Retriever was the only breed that scored better in terms of tolerance.  

The myth of the locking jaw and the deadly bite

This certainly means that Terriers can be trusted to take care of your kids when you are away.   Pet owners were, earlier fed on the notion that Terrier varieties had fierce locking jaws and even fiercer bites. Subsequent surveys, however , on the contrary, proved  that  Rottweilers are the worst biters that are ever found to exist on this planet.

650 pixel Pit-Bull-Dog-6
In conclusion, the Terriers are the most maligned canine variety that deserves a more reasonable and kind treatment and a reputation that can save them from reaching a low extinction threshold.



Leave your experiences with PitBull in the comments section below...:)


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