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Plant the seed for a lifelong Companionship

21 Apr 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

For a lot us the family is not complete till the time there is no dog in it. There are some who start early and get a pet even before a child comes into the family equation.  This is the time when there are unfortunately a lot of pets that end up abandoned in the shelters or the streets. The most common reason given is that the child can get some infections or the fur is harmful. This is no way a generalization.
I know for sure that for every person who abandons a dog there are at least five people who would treat their pets as their child. In fact I for one still treat my six year old Golden Retriever as my first born and I am sure he understands that in a way that he protects his siblings!
Dogs and Babies
Image Credit - Sutapa Mukharji‎ 
Introducing a new born into a family with dog(s) can get a little difficult. We will help you with some tips that will help in the peaceful co-existence of both the child as well as the pet. In this article my aim is to help you to plant the seed for a fruitful and nurturing relationship and will ensure you and your child years of happiness.
I totally understand and relate that this is a worry some time for parents but trust me when I tell you that your dog will not only be the best friend or your pet but will be the guardian angel for them.
Here is a list of 10 most important things to be kept in mind that will help your dog and baby to develop a bond that will last a lifetime.
Desensitize your dog
Help your dog to get acquainted with the baby, the moment you know about the little ones arrival, start desensitizing your dog. There are many dogs that will be more than happy to welcome the little bundle of joy in their lives and then there are others that will need time and training.
There will be some dogs that will be accustomed to you taking them for a walk and there will be days round the corner where you will not be able to do that. The next best thing is to get your husband acquainted with the dog and participate in the pets everyday routine slowly. This way the dog does not feel neglected with the arrival of the little one
Supervise those interactions
You always to remember a thing that absolutely no dog will bite without being provoked and it is important to supervise the child and dog interaction till the time the child is not old enough to understand the correct pattern. There can be times when the dog might snap if provoked. It is very important to show your pet that the baby is a new human member of the family to ensure that he or she understands it.
Do not be nervous when you bring the child home
Once you bring the baby home remember that the dog will be excited to see you. After all you were missing for several days and came home with another member. The best thing to do will be to let other accompanying you enters the house first. Your dog can spend his or her energy on the people and then you can enter the house.
It is very important to not be nervous when you enter as the dog will be able to sense it easily and will be nervous himself. So it is important to talk softly to your pet and introduce the child to it.
Start training your dog to listen to you
If your dog is not trained to listen and adhere to voice commands then it is important to start the training as soon as possible. You will be surprised how easy it will be for you once you can train the dog to sit, down and stay by with just the command of your voice.
The best way to do is to ensure a private and distraction free training though it can be possible that you might need professional help to ensure that your pet is trained well before your baby comes home.
Study your pet’s reaction
Once you get the baby home, it is absolutely integral to read your animal’s behaviour towards the baby. If you had a dog or puppy for some time then most probably you would be able to read the happy and sad tones and expressions of your pet. This will help you to know then when is your pet acting awry with your kid and when is he being friendly.
If your pet is not friendly in the beginning then do not worry every pet will take his or her own time to get acquainted with this small member of your family.
Familiarize your pet with baby sounds
The other thing that you can do is to habituate your dog to a routine even before the baby comes. Such, as getting him or her acquainted with different baby sounds and related gadgets. In fact, if you want you can get a doll the size of baby into your home and play those sounds. This will help your dog to get use to a baby sounds and they will not be taken by surprise when your child cries or wails once they come home.
Invite parents with baby and pets together
One of the easiest ways to help your dog accept the baby into the family is take the help from parents who already have a dog and baby coexisting together in the family. Tell such families to come and visit your home with the children or infants.  This will help your pet to be used to infants or children around them.
Though, keep one thing in mind always. Whenever your pet behaves well with kids appreciate the good behaviour this will strengthen their bond with the kids. Hasher tones may send the wrong signal to your pets.
Introduce your pet gradually to your pet
It is absolutely a necessity for you to ensure that the dog is introduced gradually to your baby. There should be absolutely no rush whatsoever. One thing which we tend to forget is that if your dog is not comfortable with the baby take him or her to another room. If he or she is relaxed then you can allow them to sniff the toes. After all this is how they will make friends with them.
Get professional help if required
Do not lose hope when you are not able to manage or train your dog. There are numerous professional trainers within your vicinity who will help you to deal with this situation efficiently and effectively. They will not only help your dog to come over behavioural issues but will help to foster a lifelong bond with your puppy.
Do not ignore the pet with the arrival of the new member
This is the most important tip that you have to remember at all times. It is absolutely essential not to ignore your dog when the child comes home. There can be times when you do not want to do so but accidentally do so.
The easiest way to overcome this would be to spend some quality time with the dog or go on a stroll with the dog and the baby together. The other thing that can be done whenever you are with your baby ask your dog to be in a sitting position and award him or her a treat this will ensure that he feels happy and secure with around your baby.
In fact he or she will happy and associate rewards and treats after the arrival of the baby into your home.

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