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My Appeal To Everyone

28 May 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Dear Animal Lovers,

The purpose of making a group is to create a strong network of brave people who will help animals and stand up against cruelty wherever they find it.

We together will work against local cruelties, will try and stop illegalities like wild animal and bird markets, cow slaughter, madaris with performing animals, mini zoos mostly in schools, dissection in schools and other such forms of animal abuse.

You can begin some animal welfare activity by feeding the homeless animals in your area and taking care of the injured ones. Plant leafy fruit trees like mango, jamun, and mulberry trees in your neighborhood and put out grain and water for the birds everyday. Ask people not to throw their food leftovers tied up in plastic bags as many animals, including cows, eat the plastic and die. Use open paper bags instead.

You can pick up animals that need help and take them to a vet. You can adopt a dog or cat from the street and give it a home. You cannot adopt a dog or a cat because you already have two dogs and four cats. But it’s not necessary to do that, there are more things that you can do is like making people aware about the good facts of animals, how these animals can help them and how they are useful.

Whatever your situation may be, there are more ways to help than adopting.

Do you have old blankets, sheets or even sweatshirts lying in the back of your closet? Donate them to the shelter. They make wonderful bedding for dogs and cats.

Did you buy a new brand of dog food that your pooch absolutely detests? Don't throw it out. Give it to the local shelter or rescue group or feed it to stray dogs.

By avoiding meat, eggs and dairy products you can save hundreds of animals. Don’t patronize circuses, zoos or other forms of “entertainment” that exploit animals for profit. Write letters to companies that either use animal testing or in some way harm animals. Write letters to the newspapers regularly either praising good work dome by a group or a person or against some cruelty that you know of.

 If each one of us takes responsibility for our own area, we can change the world.


Contact: 9211408165



  • Yes I want to be a part of this group and promise to work for the cause of animals because of my convictions.
  • And will fulfill these conditions
  • I will strive to become a vegetarian
  • I will help animals in need
  • I will aware people with animal laws
  • I will stop cruelty against animals
  • I will tell others to do the same

Name:_______ Date:_____


First Name:____________ Middle Name:____  Last Name:_________


City:__________ State:____________ Pin Code:___________--

Contact No.



 Member of any organization helping animals:



How many pets you have?

Do you know about animal protection acts?

Have you done something to help a needy animal?

Do you want to know anything about animals?

Tell me something about yourself

How can your profession help us?

How much time you can give for this?

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