Please strap on your muzzles- we're flying!

17 Jul 2009 | by | Posted in: Travel

Its a pity that certain private airlines have absolutely no concern towards the well-being of animals. This is in reference to a recent article on how two perfectly healthy pugs landed dead in a Jet Airways flight from London to N.Delhi. Instead of improving conditions, they chose to make it even more uncomfortable for you (and especially the Live-Cargo that you propose to despatch) completely discouraging you from using their services- as my breeder friend discovered. He wanted to send me by cargo a beautiful 9-week old pup but was taken aback when they:

1. Forced him to buy a particular type of cage,

2. Asked him to muzzle the pup,

3. Sedate him for the journey.

Muzzle him? How will he drink his water- that is if they are sensitive enough to understand that animals too drink water....Sedate him?! How could you put in chemicals in a growing pup? For God's sake a puppy would fall asleep in 10 minutes anyway!!

My breeder friend decided to send him via Indian Airlines. Inspite of being a government carrier, they were very nice to him (to start with) and ensured him that they will put him on the flight which has more oxygen so the pup doesnt become uncomfortable. I heard they also allow small pets in cabin baggage. The Indian Airlines staff were very co-operative when I had gone to receive my live consignment. The flight was on time and the pup was transported from the aircraft to the cargo terminal in a special van for pets. These vans have a standing instruction not to drive over 20kph for the pets' comfort. Pup arrived safely.

I have seen animal activists crying themselves hoarse when animals are treated cruelly. Why are they not present in such situations? Why are the handling staff/officers-in-charge not sensitized towards animals?

These poor things dont make an ass of themselves under the influence of alcohol, wont ever take hostages,are never rude to airline staff, will never protest if the airlines decides to cancel the flight for an often unknown reason and will never cause any financial losses if treated properly (or i will sue the world out of them).



Lets wake up to the reality guys....India has changed...more people are keeping dogs, more dog shows are happening, more dogs are travelling.....people are willing to spend on such things. Why not exploit the situation and make a profit so everyone's happy at the end of the day?


Warren Chang
I have travelled many times on Jet Airways with my dogs - adults and puppies and they have never mentioned this to me, even as of last week.

I think this was bought up by an agent who would handover the dog to the Airline

By: Warren Chang | 19 Jul 2009

Benny Kennels
I have sent my puppies from Coimbatore to Delhi, Mumbai, Rajghat many times through Jet airways. They are strict. They do demand a particular type of cage/crate (for safety - they accept fibre or wooden). They demand doctor certificate (its a must). But they never asked me to give any sedative so far. They are cool and helpful if we do all the procedures they need like certificate from doctor and correct type of crate and so on. I too had some problem in initial stages but now everything is fine.

By: Benny Kennels | 20 Jul 2009

Three yrs back I moved to Bangalore permanently & decided to travel by jet airways. I purposely wanted to travel by air so my dog & me could reach our destination within two hrs & she would not be stressed,but the conditions put by them were so stupid, the cage size given was very small compared to her height, the reason she should not situp & bark at the crew & yes they did tell me to tranquilise her even though I told them sh is very allergic to tranquilisers.
I find them totally lacking in knowledge & caring about dogs.
I would prefer to travel by any airlines but never by Jet airways this not the first pet death occured by them there have been quite a few in the past.

By: Ashvina.D.Bativala | 28 Jul 2009

Priya Shergill
We have transported a 6 month old Labrador Retriever pup from Pune to Delhi and back by Jet Airways and never had a problem. Yes, the Dogs need to be secured in a cage that is of the size and quality specified by the International Air Transport Association. The cage must be big enough for the dog to be able to stand and turn around. Pups should be over 12 weeks old. Some Airlines do recommend sedation to calm the Dogs during the flight.

Pugs, cannot and should not be transported by air in the Summer as they do have a major problem with heat and humid conditions. It takes about 20 minutes in unbearable heat for the Pug to collapse with heat exhaustion. Once a Pug is transported to the Aircraft, it takes about 20 minutes for the hold to cool down after the Captain has closed the hold and started his engines. The time between the transportation to the Aircraft, the closing and cooling of the hold is enough to kill a Pug in the Summer. Many International and Domestic Airlines do not accept Dogs with flat faces for carriage on their aircraft, particularly during the Summer.

I myself spoke to the owner of the two Pugs who died on Jet Airways and he was understandably extremely upset with Jet Airways. This case was not in July, probably as far back as April or May and the sector was Mumbai-Delhi.

By: Priya Shergill | 14 Aug 2009

Muzzle a puppy?! you cannot muzzle even a full grown dog for such a duration, they need to sweat, and breathe.
At max a muzzle shld be used for 5-10 min.

By: Ravinder | 22 Aug 2009

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