Please take care of your puppy while travelling in car..

02 Aug 2011 | by | Posted in: Travel

Hi Dog lovers,

I am having a female rottweiler puppy. Last Sunady was a very bad day for her as well as for me. On that day I took her to my vet for regular check-up with my brother.

She was very happy while travelling in my car.

When we were coming back to our house, all of sudden my puppy jumped out of my car & car was running at speed of around 50-60 kmph.

This was my mistake, i kept the glasses open.

We were on a Highway & by the GOD's grace none of the vehicle was travelling behind our car, otherwise there were 90% chance of losing her.

Due God's Grace, she got small wounds only, but I am still monitering her if she has some other problem. Till now her actvities are 95% normal. But she is in trauma.

I hope all is well with her.

I would request to all pet lover, please take care extra care while travelling on a high speeding vehicle with your pet.



Seepika Jauhari
Thank God for that! It's always best to open the windows partly such that only his head can come out of the window to avoid any such situation.

By: Seepika Jauhari | 12 Aug 2011

my 2 months old female gsd pup tries to do that all the time that's why when in a car i keep her leashed up and tied so that she only can look out of the window, anyways thank God ur pup is safe and take more precautions when ur in the car !

By: nikhil | 21 Aug 2011

Subhadeep Tarat
pups are generally highly energetic and take everything in their be careful next time also pls check if she faces any pblm while sitting running if so make sure to do an x ray...

By: Subhadeep Tarat | 23 Nov 2011

Chaitenya yadav
wish you the luck....
My puppy tried same last time but luckily my brother was driving and i was holding puppy so all of a sudden i hold him tightly.
thank you god....

By: Chaitenya yadav | 10 Feb 2012

Yes absolutely, we need to be very careful while driving with pups, my 2 months old Dalmatian also tends to stoop down the windows, mostly I prefer not to drive alone with him, so he goes out in the car only when my wife or mother is there to hold him...


Biju Malakar` carefull...they are like kids...anyway...she will b fine in a while...

By: Biju Malakar` | 18 Mar 2012

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