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Please Dont Hit your Dog.

01 Nov 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Its a small story of one of my friend (raj) and his dog(tom). Raj loves his dog all the care like grooming bathing walking etc is done by him and his dog is such a lovely creature that whenever raj goes out tom use to catch his leg . It starts on tuesday morning when i was shouting at raj's house and we were quite late for class . Finally Mr. late latif arrives and as he was rushing towards the gate when all a sudden tom caught his leg with his muddy leg and made his pant dirty. In this raj got too angry and hit his dog for first time and a little hard too . I explained him not to ever hit your dog but he said if you never hit them they never learn . Somehow we reached the class on time and after all our class and pracs at about 5p.m when i dropped raj back at his place. Tom came out waving his tail and aunty said he didnt ate anything from the morning . We both went to tom and raj just cuddled him and loved him and tom was busy in licking his face . Raj felt very sorry and asked me if i can come along with him to buy chicken . I agreed and then as we were moving out to buy chicken something funny happened raj was again caught by tom . But this time raj just said no and he got down . Lastly we feed tom chicken and that was his first meal of the day . Moral of the story even if u hit your dog they will love you as they are man's best friend but why to hit when a two letter word "no" will work . . . . . 


nyc one abhinav

By: raghav | 01 Nov 2010

Yahi kahuga bas
Gussa insan ko sochne samajhne layak nhi chhodta...

By: sonu | 01 Nov 2010


By: Aryan | 02 Nov 2010

vikas suryavanshi
bro you are correct however...when they do shit in the house and pees in the house then we have to do little.....what your friend did was wrong...but when someone love his dog like his child then if he does mistake then....its ok giving him one or two or three tight slaps...

By: vikas suryavanshi | 02 Nov 2010

I never hit or even raised my hand in intimidation to my Jerry in over 13 years that it lived with us. This was even when he shat or peed in the house. I used to take the blame for not having paid attention to its signs for going out. In the latter years of its life when we had to give Livogel to make it relieve itself which it did with diarrhea like potty and dirtied itself, I used to feel only too happy to clean. Other than for toilet matters, at the most it may have received some scolding for being too annoying but that is all. The same is now the case with Bozo. I hope I can avoid even those rotten Intervet combo vaccines and all the crap packed kibbles because they are no less of an avoidable punishment for our beloved companions.

By: gspal | 02 Nov 2010

rajat sharma
i am really toched with the story, we should never hit a dog.

By: rajat sharma | 04 Nov 2010

Sri Charan
This is not at all a issue abhinav. This is my 8th GSD. I never beat my past GSD s as they might shit and pee at my home but very calm going dogs. But, my jockey is as naughty as no other dog would do. Till his age of 4th month, I use to think not to beat him. But, I realized that I did a mistake when he swallowed a metal lock. I tried to take that lock from his mouth. But, it is already late that I couldn't catch it though I put my fingers deep into his throat. Doesn't matter that his bite pains me. What all matters for me is he should not die. That mistake almost took him to a death row. He got surged twice for that one activity. No true animal lover will beat them wontedly. From that time, I am very cautious and try to predict him in eating scrap by beating him if, situation forces me to do so. As, now he doesn't have a large intestine. Got cut at his second surgery. And, you know these 2 surgeries got done with in a span of one week. Imagine how pain he would have gone through. And, one thing is that sleep medicine haven't worked for him though it was over dosed. He was awake while he was getting surged. I heard his painful voice when he is getting surged both the times. Imagine how would I feel. I just prayed god, that my jockey should be alive. Now, he is as strong as he broke 4 leash chains in a span of 15 days. I am against to leash but not ready to kill him. So, I taught that leash won't pain him more than that of his death.

By: Sri Charan | 07 Nov 2010

My 2 and a half years old lab bites my hand off at times when I have to get him to wear his collar or choke chain. Times like those, a sharp 'NO' does the trick or I pin him down with one hand holding his face away from me n try to calm him. And then I show him the blood and tell him that was wrong. I don't beat him. When civilised and sophisticated humans don't hit their children, then why their dogs?
The best punishment is to lock them away from human company for a while. I leave Baghira on the terrace or in the backyard of my house.

By: ishleen | 12 Nov 2010

Sanjeet Suhag
Really touching, Abhinav

By: Sanjeet Suhag | 28 Dec 2010

vikas suryavanshi
we have a community dog she is female...we saw her when she gave birth to 5 pups.we tried our best but no pup lived bcoz they suffered from canine disease at young age..then we sent her to ngo to got sterilse ...when she came back she wa s very weak..from then we started feedin her....we call her hatchi...bcoz after 9 o clock she sits on the end of the road where we come from and till 11oclock she sits there ....we never forget to feed her...we love her lot...now she has become our hatchi...

By: vikas suryavanshi | 28 Dec 2010

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